meal planning

Confessions of a Leftover Food Lover

I confess.  I love leftovers.  I plan for leftovers.  Whenever someone says they don’t eat leftovers, I can’t imagine why.  Serving leftovers is a night off in the kitchen.  When […]

Camp Cooking Supplies

With camping season upon us, I thought I’d share with you how my camp cooking supplies are organized.  My goal while camping is the same in my kitchen – healthy […]

Frugal Grocery Shopping

To clip or not to clip; that is the question.  It is often assumed that people who are frugal use coupons, coupons and more coupons.  It is possible to be […]

Go Gingham: Meal planning made simple

Meal planning is the biggest saver in the kitchen.  You can save money, time, and resources by meal planning. Money is saved by purchasing only what you need. Time is […]

Go Gingham: Refrigeratro basics for the home cook

Cooking at home requires a well stocked pantry and that includes what to keep in the refrigerator.  A home cook needs to be prepared.  Below is a list of the […]

Go Gingham: Blackberry made with whole wheat flour

Cooking at home requires a well stocked pantry, along with all of the items in your refrigerator.  The home cook needs to be prepared with basic ingredients.  This list is […]