Go Gingham: Tomatoes from garden

Remember how my nickname around here is “Internet Girl” – yes, a reputation I’ve earned. Lately though, I’m feeling more like a walking contradiction than an “Internet Girl.” Here’s why: […]

Home Organization Project 45

Hello home organization weekly project #45. You’re even dustier than last week’s kitchen cabinet clean out. While I’m calling this week’s project ‘home entertainment,’ this is straight out of the […]

Home Organization Week 36 from Go Gingham

Every year, before school starts, we clean and sort through closets and clothes. This year, I decided to try something new. I told my kids we weren’t going to do […]

Home Organization Project 28

Do you ever have a week where all of your best laid plans get hijacked? That was my week. All week, I’ve been trying to get down to my sewing […]

Home Organization Project 12

While this week’s home organization project was only cleaning off the refrigerator – and everything attached to the outside of it – it was more symbolic than the previous 11 […]

Christmas thank you notes

If you want another holiday miracle to happen at your house – getting kids to write thank you notes – then read on. Admittedly, it has taken years of beating […]

Go Gingham: Live Your Best Life

There are many days when I think about how little time I have left with teenagers at home. When my kids were younger and I was home with them, some […]