personal finances

Thrift is the New Black

New-rules-of-finance-thrift-is-the-new-black: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance Just a little confirmation of what I’ve always believed.  I love it when I’m on the cutting edge – of anything!  Quick read […]

Go Gingham: Funeral no parking sign

See this little, sad, pathetic sign?  I found this in a dumpster and reluctantly brought it home.  The truth is, I had no idea how I would re-purpose it.  As […]

Go Gingham: Paying kids' allowances

Paying kids an allowance is always a hot topic among parents. To pay or not to pay? We pay allowances at our house and it actually resembles a little micro-economy! […]

Cable bill chart

Comcast hikes rates for Oregon cable TV, Internet access | This article was in our paper Monday and is about how cable bills are going up AGAIN. At our […]