re-do it

Vintage Travel Trailer Progress

Have you been wondering about the progress on my vintage travel trailer also known as my Scamper? It’s my newest DIY project. Well, there hasn’t been much progress – until […]

How to Re-Make Sweat Pants

Remember my closet clean out from our year of home organization? Well, I had several pairs of old sweat pants. Remember when we just called them sweat pants? Now, we […]

How to ReDo Craftsman Style Rocker Go Gingham

You know I love chairs, right? If you don’t know that about me, read up. After getting rid of a lot of chairs, I had to keep this one. It […]

Sustainable Home Renovation from Go Gingham

House re-do projects are expensive and kitchens seem to cost the most. The cost for kitchen renovations can range from $5,000 to $100,000. If your kitchen budget is less, consider […]

Remove trim from rug

I have been looking for a new rug for the closet I share with my daughter. Yes, with old houses there’s always closet sharing going, isn’t there? My daughter’s bedroom […]

Dress = top + skirt

While clothing shopping for my home swap to Spain, I found this super cute summer dress at the Goodwill “Bins.” To clarify, “the bins” are Goodwill’s clearance center where items […]

Final cost on the new bathroom

So, now that our new bathroom has been completely done long enough to have dust bunnies gathering underneath the claw foot bathtub, I wanted to share with you the total […]

How to fix a screen

This is a guest post from my dear friend, Annie Kip. Annie is sharing with us how to fix a screen and she makes it look very easy, too. Hello […]

How to re-do a chair

Hello, Go Gingham fans! The following is a “how to fix a chair” as well as a cautionary tale. I hope you would never fall prey to the unscrupulous fix-it folks […]

New Briefcase for BlogHer Food

In case you haven’t heard, I’m speaking at BlogHer Food later this week.  I’m honored to be doing so and am very excited.  So excited that while you’re reading this, […]