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Go Gingham: slipcover for a wine bottle

We have some friends who like to tease me about my love of sewing little “cozies” for everything.  Maybe I have been known to sew a slip-cover or two for […]

Go Gingham: Repurposed claw foot

We went out of town recently and stayed at our neighbor’s beach house. Our family had  a wonderful, technology-free weekend! While lighting a fire to cozy in, I came across […]

Go Gingham: The Bins Field Trip

If you missed the field trip on Wednesday to “The Bins” as I like to call them, I’m sorry.  We had a good time and the Goodwill Outlet Store in […]

Used Clothing: Holiday Attire

I try to buy used clothing as often as possible.  You have to be patient when buying used clothing, especially if you’re trying to find particular items. We were scrambling […]

Go Gingham: Holiday gift giving

I love being invited to someone’s house for dinner – especially when they say don’t bring a thing!  Of course, I would never dream of showing up empty handed.  A […]

Go Gingham: Funeral no parking sign

See this little, sad, pathetic sign?  I found this in a dumpster and reluctantly brought it home.  The truth is, I had no idea how I would re-purpose it.  As […]

Go Gingham: Winter cape

My daughter needed a fancy winter coat and there was no reason to buy one. Winter coats only get worn a few times a year by my kids and a […]