Sewing and mending is sustainable.

Spend less and enjoy more from Go Gingham

Here’s how to have a sustainable wardrobe: buy fewer items and wear the ones you have for a longer period of time. That’s the simple answer. Having a sustainable wardrobe […]

The Quilt Goes to College

Remember when I sewed a quilt for my son? Well, when it was finally finished I swore up and down that it wasn’t going off to college with him. I […]

How to Re-Make Sweat Pants

Remember my closet clean out from our year of home organization? Well, I had several pairs of old sweat pants. Remember when we just called them sweat pants? Now, we […]

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

For this week’s home organization project, we must begin by remembering how awful my sewing studio looked. Yes, it was a complete mess. Then, it got worse! Are you wondering […]

Home Organization Project Week #26 from Go Gingham

Warning: these photographs are offensive – to me! If you want to see the opposite of home organization, keep reading. Anyone who thinks my home looks perfect all the time, […]

Chocolate for Easter

This post is sponsored by Dove© Chocolates. Do you ever feel like you’re always buying a new package of plastic eggs every time Easter rolls around? Me, too! It’s the […]

Home Organization Project 9

Here’s what the 9th week of this home organization project has taught me: The less I have, the more I want less. It’s a think piece. Things I’ve been keeping […]

'80s blanket + table cloth + flat sheet = cute quilt from Go Gingham

Do you ever buy something and wonder why? Me, too. I should not have bought this adorable table cloth but I couldn’t help myself. With those fresh colors and gingham; […]

How to make awnings at home | Go Gingham

It’s finally feeling like summer and thankfully we put the awnings up before the hot weather kicked in this year. We installed awnings, that we made ourselves, on our windows  […]