Go Gingham: Tissue box slipcover

I love sewing but I wouldn’t dream of sewing a slipcover for a sofa or some other large piece of furniture.  Too overwhelming!  Too much time!  I’d much rather sew […]

Go Gingham: slipcover for a wine bottle

We have some friends who like to tease me about my love of sewing little “cozies” for everything.  Maybe I have been known to sew a slip-cover or two for […]

Go Gingham: new bedding question

Here’s a question someone sent me about purchasing a new down comforter. Question: My son needs a new down comforter.  Where should I purchase a new one? Answer: The Company […]

Go Gingham: Frugal Decorating with Cherry Blossoms

I love to decorate my home and make it lovely.  Fresh flowers are too expensive for this frugal gal.  I prefer to bring nature inside and “force” it to be […]

Go Gingham: Winter cape

My daughter needed a fancy winter coat and there was no reason to buy one. Winter coats only get worn a few times a year by my kids and a […]

Quilt for a teenage boy

I’m almost done with a sewing project I started over a year ago.  The project is a quilt for my son’s bed.  He knows about it so you don’t have […]

Go Gingham: homemade lunch bags

To celebrate the official launch of my website, I’m giving away one of these adorable lunch sacks!  How can you enter into the drawing to win?  Do any of the […]