How to Re-Make Sweat Pants

Remember my closet clean out from our year of home organization? Well, I had several pairs of old sweat pants. Remember when we just called them sweat pants? Now, we […]

Stuart Weitzman Guy Thing Loafer

I love shoes and am always on the lookout for the next fabulous and stylish pair I can get my feet into. How does this frugal girl shop for shoes? […]

Home Organization week #17 with Go Gingham

When she laughed so hard that she spit her tea out, I knew we were having fun. That was the measure I used when my 15-year-old daughter helped me clean […]

How to make a belt longer by Go Gingham

Dear 25-year-old Self, Buy bigger belts! You will not be the same size around the middle – despite all of your best intentions and hard work. Child birth, fashion, and […]

Inspiration for Organizing Clothing

Because the “52 weeks of home organization project” is centered around having less stuff, I’m planning to pare down what’s in my clothes closet. That thought has me cringing about […]

Home Organization Project Week 4 from Go Gingham

Every Friday, we’re cleaning out a different area of the house. We’re being smart and keeping it simple so that we feel like we’ve accomplished a little home organization every […]

Katharine Hepburn is an inspiration

Gingham Style is not to be confused with Gangnam Style…Go Gingham is where you can get to be stylish and frugal! But what is it exactly? Well maybe this will […]

Dress = top + skirt

While clothing shopping for my home swap to Spain, I found this super cute summer dress at the Goodwill “Bins.” To clarify, “the bins” are Goodwill’s clearance center where items […]

Elastic stirrup on jeans

After you read this, I predict that you are going to wish you had thought of this yourself! Most likely, you’ll want to forward this to 10 friends and say […]