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Go Gingham: Celebrating Simply at Thanksgiving

If you dread every holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving, because you feel like it exhausts you, then turn the holidays on their head and start a new tradition: celebrate simply […]

Go Gingham: Screen time equals potato chips

I know that Forest Gump gets credit for the line, “Life is like a box of chocolates…” but the line I’d like credit for is, “Screen time is like potato […]

Go Gingham: Blogging tips for new bloggers

People always ask me how my blog is doing and their follow-up question is, “Are you making any money at it?” I have an answer to that question and it’s […]

Comment Policy

Since my blog is my business, I’ve been trying to act more like a business and get official terms and policies in place. My terms of use of this website […]

BlogHer Food and Too Much Fun!

I had the best time at BlogHer Food this past weekend! With 3 days of meeting new people, making new friends, and eating delicious food, it was an absolute whirlwind […]

What is stylishly frugal living?

What exactly is Stylishly Frugal Living?  It’s a question I get asked often.  People want to know what in the world I’m talking about when I say I’m a “Stylishly […]

Easy meals for kids to cook

When someone hears that my kids each cook a dinner every single week and clean-up the kitchen after the meal, they’re intrigued.  They want to know details.  Questions like:  How […]

Everyday love

This week, my husband and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary.  It seems like just yesterday we were graduating from college, getting our first jobs, and getting engaged.  I […]

Weekly Meal Plan

My garden finally got planted and that includes tomato plants which I usually plant with leftover fish scraps from the market when they fillet a fish for me.  The fish […]