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Go Gingham: Wool blankets

It feels a bit like “Little House on the Prairie” at our house right now.  We seem to do lots of scurrying around this time of year preparing for the […]

The biggest stay the same

Seated on an airplane next to my daughter several years ago, we found a show on the television to entertain us while in-flight.  It was, “The Biggest Loser” TV show.  […]

Go Gingham: Time as a Luxury

People do all sorts of things to save money, but don’t always apply this same attitude toward time.  If we all viewed time as a luxury or other precious commodity, […]

Summer Reading List

Summer time reading is such a pleasure.  There’s something about putting your feet up and relaxing with a good book.  I hope you’re taking time and indulging yourself with reading […]

Go Gingham: Walking sticks

I’m in a gang and we have a name.  My gang consists of several women.  We walk very early in the morning and very quickly.  We carry weapons but not […]

Tools needed for installing fake grass

Our backyard has been a work in progress over the years.  We recently had blue star creeper planted in between the stones in our backyard.  During the winter months, the […]

Go Gingham: Paying kids' allowances

Paying kids an allowance is always a hot topic among parents. To pay or not to pay? We pay allowances at our house and it actually resembles a little micro-economy! […]