used furniture

Remove trim from rug

I have been looking for a new rug for the closet I share with my daughter. Yes, with old houses there’s always closet sharing going, isn’t there? My daughter’s bedroom […]

Hiding Spots Are My Friend

Our entryway doesn’t have a closet but it could really use one.  Coats, jackets, scarves, lint brushes, and shoes still need a home or a place to go.  Kids (and […]

Re do furniture

Design Sponge posted recently about tray tables and I was admiring how practical and useful tray tables are. Then I remembered – I have a tray table – that I […]

Go Gingham Reader Question

Here’s a question from a reader, Robin, who was forced to buy a chair while she was out shopping with her very resourceful friend – me!  Robin’s house is mid-century […]

Abraham Lincoln Love

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln, we sure do love you.  Around here we celebrate Lincoln’s birthday with a cake or special cookies. And for some strange reason the kids have created […]

Go Gingham: Yes I love chairs!

They say the first step in acknowledging you have a problem is admitting it.  Well, I have a problem with chairs.  You could call it a chair obsession if you […]

Super Bowl Sunday Love

This is not about football, even though it is about Super Bowl Sunday.  I love Super Bowl Sunday because I love my dining room rug.  If you’re wondering how these […]

Go Gingham: My chair obsession

I love chairs.  I really do.  If there’s a chair on the sidewalk with a sign that reads “FREE” there’s a pretty good chance it’s coming home with me. Sometimes, […]

Go Gingham readers' question

A reader sent me this question recently:  Are you worried about bed bugs when purchasing used items? Answer: No, but I do inspect items very carefully before bringing them into […]

Go Gingham home office

Everyone needs a little space to have as an office.  Opening mail, paying bills, reviewing school work, and writing notes are all part of running a home and require a […]