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Sara Tetreault Professional Site LaunchWhen I said yes to having a blog back in 2009 with my sister Mary, she was the one who came up with the idea.  Mary was moving to Alaska and thought it would be fun for us to keep in touch about our crafty projects through a blog.  She set us up on Blogger and after several posts, she said she was done.  What?  You’re done?  That’s it?  But, I’m just getting started. My head was spinning with ideas, projects to share, recipes to write down, and how-to tutorials.

After that, I decided to launch my own site but I had to learn everything first.  I’m not really a tech-savvy person but knew I wanted to learn how to put together a website myself.  (Hey, if you can install a toilet, you can do anything, right?!) But, I had no idea where to begin.  How do I upload a picture?  How do I edit a picture?  What is a header image?  Who are tweeps?  What is the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook profiles?  Where do key words get placed?  What’s SEO?  Is HTML, CSS, PHP, and FTP a secret code or a foreign language?

I wasn’t sure where all this might take me, but after many years as a stay-at-home mom and school volunteer, I was ready for something else but didn’t want a 9 to 5 job.  I wanted to keep my “flexible schedule” as I like to call it.  I also love being at home when my kids walk through the door, I love having time to help others, and I love being a homemaker.  Now that my kids are older and I have more time for professional endeavors, I’m launching a business based on my blog.

Consulting, Coaching, Collaborating

I’m available for consulting, coaching, and collaborating.  You can read more about all of my services here.  Frugal Living Makeovers are my specialty.  (Frugal Living Makeovers would make a great reality TV show, don’t you think?)  I’m also working on several e-books that you’ll hear more about soon.

Frugal Living Makeover

Want to live a more frugal life but don’t know where to begin?  Ready to break free of endless spending that results in owning too much stuff?  Have bills piling up around you?  Then you need a Frugal Lifestyle Coach.  Anyone can hire a financial planner – but what are all the little changes you can make to accomplish your goals?  I will show you how to have fun and live your life with style, while saving money, and making your dreams come true.  Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

So, wish me luck.  The path I’m headed down is clearly uncharted but my cheering squad have their pom-poms out and I can hear them shouting, “Let’s Go Gingham!”

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    1. Thank you, my Plenty-Perfect friend! I didn’t add that you and I are cooking up some projects but we can share that scoop another time. Looking forward to our work together!!


  1. Good Luck Sara! I have no doubts that you’ll have people lined up on your front porch by tomorrow morning.


  2. Wow! that is so awesome! Very excited for you. Cant wait to meet you in June, I know I could learn alot from you….oh I have so much to learn!


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