Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens

Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens
Fall in the backyard means the chickens can get into the garden. They love it!

I love keeping chickens in our backyard.  The fresh eggs they provide, eating our kitchen scraps, and giving us great material for our compost bins can’t be beat.  Chickens are very funny creatures and can be quite amusing.  During the summer, we like to sit in the backyard and watch our chickens.  If you were to come over to our house and say, “Hey, let’s go watch the chick-channel” we’d know you wanted to pull up a chair, put your feet up, and watch our chickens scratch, dig, and bury themselves in the dirt.

Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens
Dirt baths: This is how chickens get clean and the warm dirt feels so good to them.

I love that our backyard chickens think (I’m using that “think” term loosely here) they’re helping us garden.  They do eat baby slugs so that part of the “helping” is good.

Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens
Chickens love to get into from the compost bins.

I love that our chickens let my daughter and her friend clean their “toes” on a summer day.

Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens

They’re especially loveable when they’re little baby chicks.

Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens

It’s easy to fall in love with backyard chickens.

Do you have backyard chickens?  Do you love them?  Are you thinking about getting chicks?

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8 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Backyard Chickens

    1. Petra, the feet cleaning was adorable but I’d only do it on a warm day. Those girls also sewed a harness for the chickens (think leash here) complete with velcro and holes for their feet. It was not appreciated by the hens. How are those eggs??


  1. Aw, those sweet little baby chicks! We have been wanting to get backyard chickens for a few years now and this year was going to be the year! But with my health problems we are going to wait until at least next year. Doesn’t seem fair to the chicks or my poor husband who is already doing the lion’s share of everything to try it sooner. For now I can live vicariously through all the friends that have them!


    1. Oh, Brenna, soon enough! And, it’s ok to wait because by then your kids can clean the coop themselves and you don’t have to do it!! Yes, that chore is no longer on my to-do list – thankfully.


  2. I have backyard chickens – I am new to this venture and I am feeling sorry for them in this chilly weather, but we are getting eggs, so they must not have it too bad.


    1. Amy, I know what you mean because they couple of times it’s snowed I felt a bit bad but! I remind myself they’re wearing down coats. And, you’re right – if they’re laying they’re fine. As long as they are dry and it’s not too cold, chickens are ok. Thanks Amy!


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