Meet Internet Girl!

Meet Internet GirlMeet Internet Girl!  She’s fun, she likes shiny objects, and she’s easily distracted.  She’s supposed to be writing (some may say “blogging”) but sometimes she’s really naughty and she skips around the web to her favorite internet spots like Facebook, Twitter, and her favorite new toy, Pinterest.  Oh, but look, it’s so pretty!

Yes, friends, Internet Girl, often has a far off, glazed over look to her eyes.  She can’t focus on one thing at a time, she gets distracted by pretty pictures on websites and forgets to read the text, and she likes to have lots of windows open on her computer.  Her to-do list is a mile-long with no end in sight.  There are stacks of things around her house that she’s just about to get to but first she’s got to check on…Twitter, now Facebook, now e-mail, oh wait, Stumble Upon!

Her poor children have learned to deal with Internet Girl by saying things like, “Look into my eyes, listen to what I’m saying, and don’t look at your computer, Internet Girl!” Or the dreaded, “Can you please sign this form for school, Internet Girl, and I’ll stand here while you do it.  Here’s a pen because that desk is a mess!”

Sometimes, Internet Girl’s teens attack her with weapons when she’s been extra naughty and forgets to schedule their dentist appointments or write down a phone message.  It’s especially bad when she forgets to buy something on the grocery list that her thoughtful children have highlighted and starred to bring it to Internet Girl’s attention!

Meet Internet Girl

Her poor husband likes to say, “Finish your sentence, Internet Girl,” when she suddenly stops talking in the middle of a juicy story and her eyes glaze over.  Or, “Focus, bring it home, Internet Girl,” to get her to concentrate and complete a thought.   Meanwhile, Internet Girl’s mind is racing onto the next great idea that’s popped into her head and her saintly husband is hanging on her every word!  Or, when she’s tearing around the house looking for her reading glasses because she just got mentioned on Twitter and her husband gently informs her that her glasses are on her head.  Yes, that’s our Internet Girl!

What’s Internet Girl’s solution to all of the shiny stuff on the web?

Unplug the Wi-F

Yes, friends, every night at 8:45pm the wi-fi cable gets unplugged from the router so Internet Girl (and texting teens) can go back to complete sentences and conversations with full eye contact.  And, with technology free Sundays, Internet Girl gets an entire day off from skipping about the world-wide web, looking at pretty pictures and trying to be clever in 140 characters or less.

Of course, by the time Internet Girl unplugs her wi-fi every night at 20:45, she’s so exhausted from trying to take over the world with stylish frugality that she’s ready to go to bed.  She’s got to get up early the next morning to become….

Internet Girl!

What recommendations do you have for Internet Girl?  How do you control yourself on the web?

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13 thoughts on “Meet Internet Girl!

  1. Hey I thought you were talking about me 😉 I love the ideas about unplugging. I am trying to commit to doing that at our house too. My children are still little enough that they aren’t online or texting yet, so it is just my distraction, but I really enjoy it 🙂


    1. Hurry and get a routine of unplugging before your kids are old enough to say no! I’m joking but not really. Our family rules have stuck over the years and I’m thankful we started them when our kids were little and that’s just how we do things is what we say. I KNOW about it being a distraction!! Did you see those eyes??? Thanks Carrie!!


  2. Sara Sara Sara!!! Oh my garshk! This is me! I’m a scatterous brainous and it’s all because I’m so distracted by missing something or tweeting something or liking something and now the new one PINNING something, and oh yeh writing something! I try to stay away from my computer on Sundays. I have tried to be more organized and schedule times to blog. And then not get on my computer during ‘family hours’ 330-10pm. Try is the key word in that sentence. We are heading to florida for spring break, I am not bringing my computer. i am going to schedule posts and have a week of reading, board games, and no internet (except my iphone).
    Your kiddos are super cute! So can’t wait to meet you in June. We are going to have a riot together ; )


  3. How do I control my internet use? I keep my computer on the kitchen counter, so I must to stand to use it. Soon enough I’m tired of that position and then close the lid. If I’m listening to the news or a show, I use my laptop as a radio while doing chores. During multi-tasking, your internet use is forgiven.


  4. Oh, yeah, there are days those eyes belong to me. =:o I’ve learned a few things that help prevent my zombie/internet/ADD persona from taking over and my days are soooo much better when I do them.

    My ideal day starts out with some prayer, meditation and reading. I like to read (my current book, a magazine, anything not electronic) in my sitting room, where there’re speakers for music but no TV.

    I’ve crocheted for years, and have also recently picked up my knitting needles after a long hiatus. I’m trying to spend time in the evenings on the blanket I’m making, and finally, I always read just before going to sleep.

    So, I’m by no means perfect, and I have 13 (yes, thirteen) Words With Friends games going with my girlfriends. 🙂


    1. Lynda, I read the newspaper in the morning as my way to ease into the information world. It helps me to do that first and last as I end the day with book reading as well. I have no idea what words with friends games are but it sounds like a high-tech version of Banana Grams! Thanks Lynda!


  5. Oh- yes this could have been written by me and no doubt countless others, although way more funny of course! I loved this post and am going to double feature you this week along with another.
    Warmly, Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network x


  6. Oh my goodness – my mister gets so mad because I will often not finish my sentence as my mind wanders. My family tells me all the time that my head is in the clouds. And, yes – Pinterest and blogging sites are pulling me away from things I should be getting done. I do need to focus – but will not take medication doctor wants me to take.

    Go Internet Girls!!!! We are beautiful just as we are.


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