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How to Hold Baby Chicks

How to hold baby chicksWhen we have baby chicks, all the kids on our street want to come over and hold them.  It’s great watching the kids be gentle with the chicks or overcoming their fears of grabbing them and holding them.  When the chicks are held closely, they feel calmer and many times their eyes will close and they’ll drift off to sleep.  I always make sure to teach kids (and adults) to wash their hands when they’re done holding the chicks.

How to hold baby chicks

  1. Grab the chick with one hand and place it in the palm of your other hand.
  2. Place your chick’s head between your 2 fingers of your free hand and cradle the chick in your two hands.
  3. Talk gently and reassure your chick.
  4. Set the chick back in the brooder when they (or you) have had enough.

Here’s a quick video I filmed with our two newest chicks.

Do you like holding little creatures or do you prefer to watch others?

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6 thoughts on “How to Hold Baby Chicks

    1. Thanks Annie! My daughter just watched the video and said how quickly our chicks have grown – and they have! They are getting ready to fly the coop – or at least the brooder!


    1. Michelle! I just had them outside in the sunshine for a little romp around the yard. They’re very cute but getting to be too big for their brooder….


  1. Oh, I miss having chickens. And I love how they will doze off. I still remember the day my mother drove us to another city to pick up our first batch of chicks. I recently obtained my grandmother’s diary, and it turns out that I was five. I think it made a fairly big impresssion!


    1. Karen, that is so sweet! And, how lucky for you to have the diary. What a treasure!


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