June 2012

Homemade yogurt

This is a guest post from sister-in-law, Liana, who is very Go Gingham! She loves good food and is an excellent cook. I always enjoy learning from her and hope […]

How to fix a screen

This is a guest post from my dear friend, Annie Kip. Annie is sharing with us how to fix a screen and she makes it look very easy, too. Hello […]

Home exchange

Today’s guest post is by Shelley Miller, Home Exchange Expert.  Shelley has done many home exchanges and she and I both agree that home swapping makes travel affordable for families.  […]

Comment Policy

Since my blog is my business, I’ve been trying to act more like a business and get official terms and policies in place. My terms of use of this website […]

How to buy a car

This is a guest post from my fabulous friend, Annie Kip, who is the creator of the blog “Plenty Perfect.” Yep, that says 6:24 – A.M.! And that is me, in […]

Weekly Meal Plan

This was the final full week of meals to plan before we head off on our 8th home exchange. We’re leaving soon for Spain and will be staying in a […]

Cooking with pork

When Ruthie asked me about our use of ground pork in our weekly meal plan, I was going to reply back to her in a comment but then realized I […]

Making clothes last longer

Taking good care of your clothing means you can wear them for longer.  Of course that’s not always good.  I’ve been to several meetings recently where the pants I was […]

How to re-do a chair

Hello, Go Gingham fans! The following is a “how to fix a chair” as well as a cautionary tale. I hope you would never fall prey to the unscrupulous fix-it folks […]

Home swap to Spain

With our family traveling to Spain for our 8th home exchange, I’ve got posts lined up to keep the momentum going here at Go Gingham!  We’ll be staying in small […]