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The Bottom Line on the New Bathroom

The Bottom Line on the New BathroomSo, now that our new bathroom has been completely done long enough to have dust bunnies gathering underneath the claw foot bathtub, I wanted to share with you the total cost for our bathroom re-do. But first, let’s review what we re-did: new sub-flooring and new Marmoleum flooring, a fourth foot on our claw foot bathtub where there wasn’t one before, a “new” sink which was found in a free pile at an estate sale, a new laundry chute door that was previously metal access door which we painted and a new shower curtain and Roman Shade for the window and repainting everything (ceiling, walls woodwork). Whew! I’m exhausted remembering all that work.

The Bottom Line on the New Bathroom

The bottom line on the new bathroom

The best news is the cost. We were able to do all of that plus paint everything and shorten our light fixture all for under $1,000.

Bathrooms in old houses

By doing the work ourselves, re-using, buying items second-hand, and not ripping out every wall and cabinet, we save lots of money and didn’t get a dumpster for this house renovation project. This project was sustainable for both the environment and our wallets. I love how it turned out and it always makes me smile when I enter the room with its bright and cheerful colors!

Final cost on the new bathroom

Robin from Fusion NW came by for a tour of our new bathroom (before the dust bunnies set-up shop!) and here’s the video we shot of it.

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8 thoughts on “The Bottom Line on the New Bathroom

  1. Very cute! Our laundry chute door is in a wall–I’ve never seen one in the floor! My kids use the chute to communicate with each other between the main floor of the house and the basement.


    1. Kris, I would have loved this in the wall, too, but it wasn’t to be! The chute was there when we bought the house and we had “re-done” the basement bathroom (which is directly below this one) already and didn’t want to make more messes in our house. And, we do use the chute to talk to one another!!


  2. This is so helpful for me. We are finally getting back to our own bathroom renovation we began last January. We did buy a new tub (the old ones are all too heavy), but everything else has been salvaged. The ReBuilding Center and the ReStore are our favorite spots. Can’t wait to go through all these posts–thanks for putting them together in one place.


    1. Rita, I’m so glad it’s helpful! You’re right – old tubs are heavy! It took 4 people to move it when we needed to move it around the room. Sounds like you and I have similar shopping haunts, too!


  3. I love that sink too – I would also have picked it out of the free pile without hesitation. We redid one bathroom a year ago for under $1000, too. It’s great to be able to do the work ourselves.

    You make a great video, the camera loves you!


    1. Thanks, Heidi! We found the sink several years and it collected dust for a bit but I’m so glad we picked it up!


  4. Loved the Fusion TV spot – you look darling!!!! The bathroom looks really good too! Really glad you got some coverage of your hard work!!!


    1. Thanks, Annie! I forgot to add that my sweater and jeans are both from the Goodwill Bins, too 🙂


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