How to Make a Reusable Mop Cover

Washable repurpused mop cover

There’s only one area of life I want to make easier for my teenagers and that’s when it comes to chores. I want chores to be simplified so that they can finish them and then do more chores! “You’re learning life skills,” is what I remind them often and then I add, “It’s my job to prepare you for life.” Grumble, grumble, eye-roll, eye-roll. Ok, I’m also making my life easier but they don’t need to be reminded of that.

Finished mop head cover

How to Make a Reusable Mop Cover

I have a nice retractable sponge mop that can be used on our wood floors and our bathroom floors. I don’t like to use it because it means getting out a bucket and filling it with water, which spills and sloshes about. This was the solution we came up with when my kids started mopping floors as part of their allowance responsibilities: the old t-shirt (or rag) getting attached to the mop head with safety pins or if you’re lazy just tossing the dampened rag on the floor and hoping it stays put while you push it around.

Washable mop head covers
The old method: t-shirt on mop that may or may not stay put.

Then, my 15-year-old son handed me a stack of t-shirts that no longer fit him and I started thinking about cutting the shirts and making rags because they were too dingy and holey to donate. Then I saw that nice finished neckline and wondered if it would fit on my mop. It did. Then I saw how the arms covered the mop and it started to all come together. I could make mop covers with one little seam – and make life easier for my teens!

Sew a mop head cover
Old t-shirt pinned and marked – ready to be turned into a mop cover.

I pinned the t-shirt but you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it. Make sure the layers of the t-shirt stay together.

Mop head cover washable

Pinned and marked and sewn. I used a Mr. Sharpie pen, one of my favorite pens, to mark where I should sew and cut the t-shirt. I only use a Mr. Sharpie pen (or other permanent marker) to mark fabric while sewing when I know I’m cutting off the fabric. If leaving the fabric I’ve marked with a pen, I use a sewing pen where the ink disappears as it drys.

Sew a mop head cover (2)

Then just trim off the excess fabric. What’s left can be made into a dust rag for dusting. More chores? Yes, please.

Cutting dust mop cover

And here is the finished product….

Repurposed mop head cover

Here’s the mop head cover being placed on the mop and put into action thanks to my 13-year-old daughter.

First, wet the cover so it’s damp but not dripping. Then, fit the cover on the mop.

Put cover on mop

Adjust the cover so the mop fits nicely into the “arms” of the cover.

Mop cover repurposed

Then, spray a little homemade cleaner (I’ll share that recipe in another post) on the floor and look out!

Mopping with reusable mop cover

This is not one of my daughter’s usual chores. She and her brother do mop the bathroom floor weekly but the kitchen floor mopping was one of those, “…well, you can do an extra chore for me this week” type of chores. Let’s just say she owed me.

And she’s done! And moving quickly. She wouldn’t hold still for a picture either.

Mopping kitchen floor

When you (or your “helpers”) are done mopping, just take the cover off and toss it in the washing machine so it’s all clean for next time. I hang it on a plastic hanger to dry in the basement so it’s ready for the next use.

One final note on the sewing….I have a serger machine and used that to make the sewing even quicker, since it sews, cuts and finishes all at the same time. If you have a serger machine, I suggest using that for this project.

Serge the seam
On this cover, I used my serger machine. It sews, cuts, and finishes all at the same time.

Done. Easier mopping, using items I already had, and I made my teenagers’ lives easier – yeah, right! It’s a very Go Gingham project!!

What do you use to mop with? Do your kids have chores to do?

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    1. Cathy, it’s true! They’ll do just about anything if you threaten not to drive, cook or clothe them. Just kidding – although I’m not above bribing 😉 My kids don’t like to mop but they do it. You could sew these, too! You can follow a recipe so I know you can sew!


    1. Thanks, Heidi! Yes, it’s true that is where the best ideas come from. Thanks for the post on freezing beans, too. I love to freeze everything and those were good tips 🙂


  1. Freaking brilliant, Ms. Sara! Great excuse to get a serger — you found one at Goodwill, right? LOL!
    Noticed that you, too, have discovered that Mrs. Meyers makes the best spray bottles. Can’t wait to hear the mixture you’re filling yours with!


    1. Why thank you, Miggie! Actually, my serger is from my grandfather. After my grandmother passed away, my grandfather and a neighbor lady, converted his living room into a sewing/knitting sweat shop! Well, it was just the two of them and it kept them out of trouble – mostly. They made so many knitted items (with a knitting machine) and finished them off with the serger. When my grandfather moved, I inherited the serger. I absolutely love it and now can’t imagine sewing without it. BUT, I do see sergers at the bins if you want to get one 😉 Also, Montavilla Sewing sells used ones as well.
      Yes, Mrs. Meyers’ spray bottles are THE BEST and I keep it in our kitchen. I also happen to love her cleaning solutions but began making my own – which I’ll share soon 🙂
      Thank you…


  2. Because I don’t sew, I use shirts and tie the sleeves onto the mop. Usually lasts for the whole job before needing to be re-tied. I also use old, clean, torn panty hose attached to the mop head to quickly dust. They pick up dust easily.

    What do you use to wash your hard woods without damaging them?

    What type of mop do you have. Mine break all the time


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