Home Organization Project 51

Question: How can you tell when it’s time to clean out, organize, and sort through household files? Answer: When you go to file something and the drawer breaks because it’s too full.

Household files Go Gingham

Yes, for this week’s home organization project – yes, that’s week #51 of our weekly home organization project – we did our household files. Well, let me rephrase that. We are doing them right now.

After the file drawer broke and we had to take all of the files out to get the drawer back into the cabinet, we both agreed (one of us more readily than the other) that this week’s project should be a major purge and clean out.

Once the Christmas wrapping paper got recycled, I dragged the file cabinet and shredder out to the living room and said, “Let’s make it fun and do the project here. And, let’s have a fire to really make it fun.” I love making tasks fun.

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Home Organization Project 50

Gift wrap supplies Go Gingham

We’ve waited until the gift giving time of year for this week’s home organization project and to straighten out all of our gift wrapping stuff. It’s not just the Christmas season that we’re wrapping gifts for – in our house, it’s the birthday season, too. From mid-November to mid-January, everyone in our family has a birthday. Except me. Mine is neatly scheduled in May so that way the entire month is all about me. Well, not entirely about me, but mostly.

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Sustainable Holidays

Sustainable Holidays Go Gingham

Did you know that from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, the amount of trash we generate goes up by 25%? That’s a lot of stuff getting thrown out! From decorating our homes to gift giving and entertaining, we want to be festive but we don’t want to waste. Here are three easy methods to reduce the amount of trash getting generated – and saving money, too.

Sustainable holidays are good for the environment but they’re also good for the budget, too. When we slow down and think about our spending – ‘thoughtful spending’ I like to call it – and what we’re bringing into homes, we usually waste less. Do what I do and ask these questions: Do I really need it? Do I have something similar at home? Could I borrow an item rather than buying it myself? How will it get recycled?

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Favorite Food and Health Books

We’re always reading books – from the library because we love the library – and this year, we had a food and health theme going on.
Food and Health books Go Gingham

We made a list of our top food and health related books with a little review – in case you need a gift idea for a foodie or health nut on your gift list. Or, you just want a new book for yourself! Don’t tell but I usually give myself a gift. Wrapped and from Santa, I always act surprised!

Plus, who doesn’t love to cozy up with a good book? And, they’re easy to wrap in gift paper – all squared off corners and rectangular. (Here’s my favorite wrapping material – old maps!)

By the way, these aren’t ranked based on preference. These are ranked based on a conversation I had with my husband – and our memories! Yes, we both keep a book journal of books we’ve read so that we can actually remember the books we’ve read. This is a combined review from our book journals.

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Home Organization Project 49

Home Organization Week #49 Project

For week #49 of 2014’s New Year’s Resolution – yes, every week we’ve cleaned and sorted out a different area of the house – we’re going where very few have gone before – behind the gingham curtain! Yes, I put up a gingham curtain to hide the contents on our basement shelves. No, it’s not fancy but neither is our basement.

Here’s a view of the area before….

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Broccolette for Dinner and Le Creuset Giveaway

Thanks to Earthbound Farm and Le Creuset for teaming up with me for this healthy dinner and special giveaway!

Broccolette with Beans Go Gingham

“Mom, what is broccolette?” My daughter asked me this when she heard me talking about making it for dinner. She’s a little leery of vegetables that are new. Most kids are, aren’t they? Actually, sometimes grown-ups are, too. We all need a little convincing to eat something new. When I explained that broccolette was like broccoli only more tender and taller, she seemed agreeable.

Broccolette Beans Mushrooms Go Gingham

Earthbound Farm Broccolette really is tastier and more tender than broccoli. It’s actually a cross between broccoli and Chinese kale. Its flavor resembles asparagus – although the ends of the broccolette aren’t chewy like the ends of asparagus can be – when using the entire stalk.

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Home Organization Project 48

Christmas Decorations Go Gingham

When you decorate for a holiday only once a year, do you ever forget about what decorations you have? Then, when you get everything out, does it seem like everything is new and pretty? That’s what happened to me this week.

Oh, look how beautiful these are! I forgot we had these! Where did these come from?

We sorted the ornaments as we put them up. Much like the harvest and Halloween decorations that got sorted through, I recycled some items and  tucked others away. We parted with some and held onto the keepsakes.

Mostly, I like to decorate with what we already have. Red candles can quickly turn a mantle into a festive scene without much effort. These are from Ikea where I think the candles are a good deal but they’re not drip-less. This can get a little messy.

Holday Decorations Go Gingham

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