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San Diego Travel

San Diego Travel - Carlsbad CA warm water jettyIt seems that everyone has sunny San Diego travel on the mind these days! If you’re headed to the area – and even if you’re like us and not going but are always dreaming about it – here are some tips for traveling to San Diego.

San Diego Travel

We love San Diego and both went to college there – that’s where we met! Pack light because no matter how the morning starts out, it’s always sunny by around noon time in San Diego.


Roberto’s Taco Bar – open 24-hours. Burritos (go for the carne asada) or 3-rolled tacos with guacamole. Inexpensive. Multiple locations around town.

In and Out Burger – go off the menu and ask for fries and burgers “animal style.” Animal style is caramelized onions and cheese on either burgers or fries. We try and use our restraint and split an order. Good luck with that!

El Indio – Mexican food that’s delish. Get a quesadilla. Off the highway just on the way to the airport.

Road trips lead to In n Out Burger


Balboa Park – plenty to do, see, and sketch. Bring a pad and look around.

Pacific Beach – hit the beach and check out Crystal Pier.

Mission Beach – hit the beach and the boardwalk. Surfing and people watching are non-stop. Don’t miss Sunset Boulevard where Brad lived and Ostend Court where I lived.

Carlsbad – good surfing waves at warm-water jetty. Park along Highway 101. Drive north from San Diego area and check out all the coastal towns on the way.

Torrey Pines State Park – gorgeous hiking and walking – and beach.

San Diego travel Carlsbad CA beach


There’s still time to set up a home swap. Have someone occupy your home while you enjoy sunny San Diego.

Not quite house swap ready? Check out AirBnB for a place to stay where you can sleep and have a kitchen.

There are lots of hotels in San Diego. Pick an area you’d like to explore and see what’s available. Find reviews on Trip Advisor.

Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages – we’ve never stayed here but they look adorable – and are close to the action on the beach!

Don’t Miss

Stop by the University of San Diego and pray that our kids get a big scholarship to our alma mater! Take a peek at Founders’ chapel is where “Social Sunday” church takes place weekly – and it’s beautiful. The outdoor pool at the sport center is worth a walk around.

LaJolla – window shop in downtown LaJolla and bring a picnic lunch for dining along “The Cove.”

San Diego Zoo – everyone loves this zoo because it’s the best! Ride the tram last – when you need a break and to sit. Pack a lunch – food is expensive. Get there early, too.

Old Town – be a tourist and enjoy a foot tour of the oldest section of town. Used to be dodgy now it’s trendy.

Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island – pretty drive and a gorgeous, historic hotel. Walk around and pretend like you’re staying there.

Lego Land – just north of San Diego in Carlsbad. If you have to chose between Disneyland and Lego Land, I like Disneyland better but if you’re sticking around San Diego and need an amusement park setting, Lego Land is it.

Enjoy your trip to San Diego! I wish I was going, too.

 What’s your favorite spot in San Diego? What would you add to the list?

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12 thoughts on “San Diego Travel

  1. I miss miss miss San Diego…so very much. We moved to East coast two years ago from the beautiful wine country city of Temecula. Still miss it….I love Balboa park, but my fav place in San Diego was the walk by the harbor at Seaport Village…


    1. Minnie, that’s a great addition to the list. Thank you! I’m going to a conference in Temecula in April – The Big Traveling Potluck. Check it out! Maybe you need to go… 🙂


  2. I’d usually skip right over this post (I live in the Mid-Atlantic and our travels rarely take us the the West Coast). However, I’m traveling to San Diego in a few weeks for work. I’ll be busy during the day, but during the evenings I’ll have to check out these restaurants and hit the beach!


    1. Shannon, have a fantastic trip! It will be lovely weather – it always is. I’m really trying to brainwash one – or both – of our kids to go to college there. It’s a great place to visit.
      Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  3. Sara
    I haven’t been to San Diego in probably a few years now but I loved it when I was there. We even made a day trip to see the sights in Hollywood as well. But San Diego is a really beautiful city. I also got to go to a Padres game too! We also did make it to the San Diego Zoo but unfortunately didn’t get to go to LEGO land (my daughters were really bummed about that!) Maybe on our next trip! Than you for your post, I enjoyed reading it.


  4. Sara – I can’t wait to see you again at the Big Traveling Potluck! I remember you were the one who first told me about it and now it’s FINALLY coming to my area.


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