Home Organization Project 28

Workout clothes Go Gingham (3)
Hidden inside this cabinet: workout clothes.

Do you ever have a week where all of your best laid plans get hijacked? That was my week. All week, I’ve been trying to get down to my sewing studio to get it organized but it never happened.

Here’s what happened instead:

  1. My daughter got her wisdom teeth pulled on Monday. Brad and I felt like we had a newborn again – up at night with pain medication, making all of her meals – blending them, first – making sure she was breathing in her sleep. She swelled up so badly, it was hard to recognize her!
  2. Because my sweet patient (Truth: I like it when my kids are sick or post-tooth extraction. They adore me and let me hug them and say thank you!) knew she’d be recuperating, she had reserved all 4 seasons of ‘Downton Abbey’ from the library and I had to catch up on some of those. Clearly, I slept through several episodes! These shows have been a family favorite to watch. My daughter pointed out that her face was so puffed up, she now looked like Mr. Bates. True.
  3. Thanks to my high school friend and fellow blogger, Erin (A Week or A Weekend), on Monday I found out that our 30-year high school reunion was THIS Friday. As in tonight!!
  4. Then, our dear friend from college was in town with her daughter and their friends. Yep, dinner here last night. We made an easy dinner – Mexican Pulled Pork and Cole Slaw with a Kick – but bought tortillas and salsas from our favorite market.
  5. After no real progress from our patient and her wisdom teeth getting pulled, we called the oral surgeon with her status – also known as ‘symptoms.’ Back to the oral surgeon for two different types of antibiotics for infections in both of her lower gums from the extraction! The poor thing.

Workout clothes Go Gingham (4)

Finally, this afternoon, I went downstairs, looked at my complete mess and thought, “This sewing studio is not happening today.” We changed gears and cleaned out the cabinet that holds workout clothes. It took 10-minutes.

Workout clothes Go Gingham (1)
Empty – there’s a little rack for hanging clothes.

After hanging all of the shorts and long running tights – there were plenty of hangers after the closet re-do. We sorted through all of our t-shirts. We both agreed (mostly I agreed with myself) that we don’t need more t-shirts – even if they are free!

We got rid of 12-t-shirts that may become washcloths, cleaning rags or mop covers. We’ll see…

Workout clothes Go Gingham (2)
Neat and finished! 10 minutes flat.

So, there’s my week. Look for the sewing studio to get under control next week. Right now, I’m off to my reunion!

How was your week? Do you have a wisdom teeth story?

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My friend Sheila, who writes the blog Eat to Gather, has a round up of Smoothies and Shakes. It seems both of her older kids had their wisdom teeth pulled this week, too. I tried to organize that myself but my son’s wisdom teeth come out next month. More Mr. Bates in my future!

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12 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 28

  1. I was fine with my wisdom teeth, and I even had to have 5 removed (my dad passed on the bonus wisdom teeth gene). Now, my husband…we scheduled his wisdom teeth (bottom 2 only) back before we were married during my spring break so that I could be his nurse. He was the biggest baby! 🙂 Lots of jello, mashed potatoes, and pastina soup.


    1. Oh my, Aly, not the best gift from your dad – 5 wisdom teeth! 🙂 Too funny that your husband was such a wimp! Maybe he liked having you as his nurse. Glad to hear you were there to serve the soft foods! Thanks for leaving a comment…


  2. Your cabinet is so pretty. I know the trend right now is to paint over the wood, but I don’t think I could bring myself to do it on such a pretty piece of furniture. What do you want to bet that in 5 years the newest trend will be to strip and refinish painted furniture?

    My wisdom tooth story is … my friend brought over ice cream when I had mine pulled. Great idea–but it had nuts in it. Ouch. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

    Typically my whole summer gets sabotaged. It’s the only way I get to see friends and family, so I don’t mind. We went camping last week for a couple of days. Original plan was to use Saturday to “de-camp-inate” but my friend and her family from 2 hours away were camping at a campground near our house–so we spent the afternoon with them instead. Everything got done eventually.

    I love Mr. Bates and Anna! My darling husband surprised me on my birthday with seasons 1-3 of Downton (or, as my daughter calls it, “Downtown Abbey”). Since I just started watching it this past winter (and had checked various seasons out of the library, but not in chronological order), it was nice to view it chronologically and it made a lot more sense!


    1. Kris, yes, I can completely relate!
      Because Brad painted his way through college, he refuses to paint items that look good and will eventually need painting again. He calls that “make work” and I mostly agree with him! Every once in awhile, I’ll paint something… 🙂
      Yes, Anna and Mr. Bates are adorable!! What a good gift from your hubby!
      Thanks, Kris!


  3. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out at once, I was about 20. The dentist had to break one of the teeth to get it out, it was very large. And I was sick as a dog from the drugs.


    1. Oh, Karen, that makes my stomach turn! So sorry about that…
      Those drugs are very strong. Luckily, my daughter is feeling better – just in time….my son gets his pulled very soon!
      Thanks for writing in, Karen 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing my round up. Ugh I know, this weekend is beautiful and I’m inside running ice packs and smoothies to my two moaning kids. They both woke up this morning looking like Mr. Bates! LOL!! Hope things turn the corner for your girlie!


    1. Thanks, Barbara!! My daughter is much better – no longer looking like Mr. Bates and acting more like a teenage girl – LOL!
      So glad you wrote in…thanks! 🙂


  5. Lucy had hers pulled last summer. It was horrible. She insisted on only taking a couple days off from work, and of course, went back too early, and with an infection to boot. Some of my friends have found dentists that prescribe antibiotics up front. I’m going to switch things up for Teddy so as to avoid the infection that seems to plague so many of them.
    Hope your reunion was a blast. Love the wardrobe.


    1. Thanks, Melissa! Sorry to hear that about Lucy…
      Yes, my kiddo is on the mend. No more Mr. Bates and back to her usual teenage girl self 😉
      The reunion was a blast and so fun to see everyone!
      Thanks for writing in….


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