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Home Organization Project 34

Go Gingham New Dresser
My ‘free’ find of the week: this dresser with a mirror. Total score.

We shouldn’t have gone back around the block to have a closer look, but we did. There was a gorgeous dresser in someone’s front yard with a free sign on it. I jumped out of the car and inspected. Solid wood, dovetail drawers, and no major damage – perfect color for our bedroom – thumbs up! It barely fit in the back of Brad’s Jeep – it was hanging out the back for the drive home. Luckily, we were close.

Yes, during our year long home organization project – of getting rid of items and declutter or move – we now have this. My new to me dresser did force me to clean out my old one. And, don’t worry – there’s a trade happening – something is going out of the house but we’re not sure what.

Go Gingham Old Dresser
The old dresser was smaller and the photographs frame it nicely.

My dresser, in our bedroom, houses all of my un-mentionables, socks/tights, and pajamas. There are no pictures of any of these because, really? Go Gingham isn’t a site where laundry gets aired – dirty or clean! You know what those items look like. Unlike those ratty-tatty pillow cases I mended awhile back, nothing that’s going can be mended – or should be.

After sorting through all of the contents, I ended up with a large bag to part with.

Old and new dresser Go Gingham
They’re very similar, aren’t they?

Brad and I were talking about moving the framed photographs on the wall, since the new mirror is bigger. Our daughter, 15-years-old and much smarter than us, told us not to move the pictures. Her reason? “You’ll end up with so many nail holes in the wall and nobody wants to patch those.” Brilliant. She’s right. Can you tell she learned how to patch nail holes recently?

Another week – 34 weeks to be exact – done. Next week we’re working on the dreaded basement tool room. Somehow we keep putting it off…Thankfully the end of our year long project is in sight.

Truth in blogging: Our bedroom is rarely this neat and tidy. We made the bed and put all of the laundry away that was piled on the rocker before I took the pictures.

Clean laundry or dirty laundry piled up in your room? What do you call your un-mentionables?

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10 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 34

  1. We recently did a home exchange, and so we had to tidy up the bedroom just a tad (or, OK, it took us the whole week before he came to get the house in order), but we’ve re-dedicated ourselves to NOT piling up the laundry on the window seat, not leaving things strewn on the dresser, tidying up the bathroom sink area when we’re finished, etc. So far, it’s working. Mind you, it’s only been three weeks and now we’re back to work, so we’ll see, but it does feel more calming in there when everything is in it’s proper place! Love your new dresser! what a find! Feel like I’d better get out and drive around the neighborhood a little more before you take ALL the good stuff 😉


    1. Home exchanges can be life changing – especially at home! Baby steps is a good way to go, Erin! Yay for a new routine and I hope it sticks during the school year…
      Happy end of summer to you and Jeff 🙂


  2. That’s it: I’m moving to Portland. A place where you find gorgeous antiques lying by the side of the road, free for the taking? My kind of place!


    1. Vanessa, I know it! Although, we found just as many if not more great furniture and antiques on street corners when we lived in Washington, DC in the early ’90s. On ‘bulky trash day’ – this was a regular occurrence – residents could put out anything. We furnished our home with those finds and still have many of them.
      Also, there’s plenty of junk that’s free, too!! 🙂


  3. Beautiful dressers – both the old and the new!

    Honestly, our bedroom is so small, there isn’t room for mess. We have a queen bed, one nightstand (2 don’t fit) and one dresser. We are now in the habit of putting our dirty clothes directly into the hamper (laundry room is on the same floor as bedroom, which really helps) and putting ‘can be worn again’ right clothes back away in the dresser or closet. I love having a clean bedroom when I go to bed at night!


    1. “I love having a clean bedroom when I go to bed at night!” – me, too! I think because I like to wake up to a clean room. 🙂
      Your room does sound small. It’s hard to fit furniture into small spaces but I think it forces us to really think about our belongings – and be efficient.
      Thank you, Janna! 🙂


  4. Nice score, Sara! I sometimes find those free items on the curb around town but never anything as lovely as your new dresser!! I guess I need to ride around with you more :).


  5. Seriously? Free? Love it, Sara. I have a smaller dresser that belonged to my dad when he was a kid that looks like that. It’s gorgeous. I woulda packed your new dresser into a jeep and hauled it away, too.

    I don’t have laundry piled up in my bedroom, but it does seem to be the repository for where-the-heck-else-do-I-store-this kinds of things–right now I have school supplies on the chair, a pile of Goodwill-wanna-be’s by the dresser, etc.


    1. Thanks, Kris! 🙂
      Well, we need a spot to put things, don’t we? Our spot seems to be the entryway of our house – which isn’t really very large. Mail, college catalogs, sports equipment, and half empty water bottles – there’s more, too!
      The school supplies list gets smaller as the kids get older, too. I’m not sure there is one at their high school. Or, perhaps my teens don’t tell me these things….
      Happy long weekend to you!


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