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Home Organization Project 37

Go Gingham Tool Room After

Whew! That’s all there is to say. Since we began this weekly home organization project – clean out and reduce the amount of stuff accumulating in our home or move – at the beginning of the year, we’ve been needing to tackle this room. The Tool Room. If you missed the before of the tool room, you can get caught up here.

The tool room took about 2 days to get it completely done – an entire weekend. Luckily, it’s in our basement which stays nice and cool. We did the project over a 90+ degree weekend so it wasn’t like the garage project – which was so hot!

When we were done, it almost brought me to tears. Well, not really but I was so happy to have it finished.

Go Gingham Tools

In our 24-years of marriage we’ve rebuilt 2 houses, rebuilt a garage, and built a chicken coop. We don’t get rid of things. We fix them.

Go Gingham Tools Organized
Old coffee cans hold tools and bolts. No need to get fancy here.

You never know when you’ll need a tool. Or other building supply.

Go Gingham Tool Room Done
In these bags are all of our paint drop cloths. My idea was to take them out and fold them. We ended up leaving them in the bags and shoving them onto the shelf. Hey, it worked!

Go Gingham Finished Room What also took a long time was dropping everything that we were getting rid of at the proper donation spot. We only put a few things in the garbage and were able to donate, recycle, and drop off at an architectural reuse place everything else. This took extra time but was worth doing.

I’ve been saving empty coffee cans and other large food storage containers (think dehydrated mushrooms and Parmesan cheese) to store items in. We didn’t have to buy any new storage containers.

Go Gingham Tool Room Organized I also recycled all the old ‘Country Crock’ margarine containers. We moved those from our last house – and we bought that nasty spreadable stuff and ate it – when we were first married. Thankfully, we’ve become enlightened about what we eat.

Done! Next week, you’ll read about the house project clothing we sorted through. I convinced Brad to do this after our tool room was done. I set up a camp chair, handed him a beer, and held items up for him to say ‘keep’ or ‘donate.’ Sometimes, I just do stuff like that so we can get the job done.

What’s your least favorite area to clean out? Do you have a tool room?

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8 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 37

  1. OK Sara- need help here. I see brad’s (or yours?) table saw. What to do to keep all that wood dust from coating the entire basement? I was downstairs dusting and vacuuming for an entire weekend- now I’d love to contain it! I’m thinking we may need to build a wall to make the toolroom smaller.


    1. Hi Mindy!
      Funny you should ask about the chop saw – which is both of ours, btw – it only gets used outside. It’s hard to lift from underneath the work bench so on top is a good spot. If it’s raining, there’s no chopping going on but that’s ok….
      Thanks for asking! How’s your project coming along? πŸ™‚


  2. Have I told you how much I adore you and your blog? Well, I do! Your tool room looks so organized and you didn’t purchase storage containers! How crazy is it to throw away (even recycle) empty containers, then go purchase containers to put your stuff in?! I used to do that, but finally got smart, like you! You are truly an inspiration, Sara. Thank you!


    1. Can I favorite or ‘like’ this comment? πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Vanessa! Well, that’s just how we roll…why buy new when you can use what you have? It sounds like that’s how you roll, too.
      I will tell you that I was saving coffee cans for too long! There were so many hanging around the basement. It looks so good down there. I’m refraining from filling up the space….I even passed on a cute table that was out on the street with a ‘free’ sign on it. I don’t need more stuff!
      Thanks for your kind words, Vanessa!!


  3. Hey. That looks great. You can find things to work with. So nice. I need to reorganize the tool/paint area of our garage. Thanks for sharing!


  4. The projects are slowly coming along. We have a ton more room in the basement now. Although this didn’t come with only organizing, the goodwill guys knows me on a first name basis now! Next in line is organizing files with my new label maker :), then following your lead on the switch to more natural house cleaners. I’ve got enough projects lined up for the next year.


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