1. Mary Werner

    This is so sweet!
    Also, a wonderful life lesson: don’t be mean when you’re going through menopause or your family will send you to a farm.

  2. Sara Tetreault

    Mary, I certainly hope my family doesn’t send me to a farm! Thanks for leaving a comment, sister. Make the brownies…you know how good they are.

  3. That recipe looks fantastic! I can already imagine the yogurt making the brownies wonderfully moist, and how can you go wrong adding chocolate chips!

    Thanks – I was planning to make a raw-chocolate-brownie recipe tonight, but I think I’ll make these instead!

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Oh good! Let me know how the raw brownies turn out. My family loves “raw” cookie dough as they call it – it’s just cookies (or any other batter…) that hasn’t been baked! I’m always afraid someone is going to get sick from this but at least I know the eggs came from our chickens.

      1. My raw brownies are completely safe – they’re a gluten-free, lactose-free, raw vegan recipe made with nuts and dates and cocoa powder and not much else. VERY rich and chocolatey. But I’ve made them a lot lately, so I figured making yours instead would make a delicious change. And it did – they were wonderful! Made a slightly smaller batch (if we had more, I would eat more – it works like that)

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