Sustainability for the Wallet

Everyone is using the term 'sustainability' these days - heck, even I'm doing it! I've traded the word 'frugal' for sustainability. Why? Too many people think of 'frugal' as cheap or coupon-clipping and not what it really is - smart and continuing. To sustain one's lifestyle as in living within one's means. Sustain-ability. Mostly, the… Continue reading Sustainability for the Wallet

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Save Money on Airfare with 5 Easy Tips

With the spring and summer travel season fast approaching, it's time to think about booking airline tickets. Air travel is expensive - especially for families when you have to purchase more than one or two tickets. Here are 5 tips for saving money on airfare - saving more money for traveling again. That's my favorite… Continue reading Save Money on Airfare with 5 Easy Tips


Why You Should Fill Out the FAFSA Today

We're in the midst of college applications and financial aid forms here. If you live in the U.S. and have a high school senior (or will shortly) or have a member of your family who'd like to attend college, I'm encouraging you to fill out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (the FAFSA) today.… Continue reading Why You Should Fill Out the FAFSA Today


4 Reasons to Shop Without Coupons

Frugal living is usually equated with coupon clipping. People often ask about my 'extreme couponing techniques.' Truth is: I don't have any. I'm not a coupon user because I don't think spending money to save money is sustainable. Since September is National Coupon Month, here are... 4 Reasons to Shop Without Coupons This is what… Continue reading 4 Reasons to Shop Without Coupons