The Quilt Goes to College

Off to college Go Gingham

Remember when I sewed a quilt for my son? Well, when it was finally finished I swore up and down that it wasn’t going off to college with him. I had worked too hard on it and it was too nice for college. I wanted him to leave it at home. Something else that wasn’t quite so precious could go with him for use in his dorm room.

Quilt for college Go Gingham But, then the quilt got a little worn and it got a little smelly (you know – teenage boy sorta scent). I started to think about how it wouldn’t be so bad if the quilt went off to college. It was an extra long quilt – at my son’s request – so the bed could be easily made by tucking it in. That’s how long ago I started the quilt…when he still made his bed. (Heads up: most dorm rooms do have extra long beds.)

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How to Mend Pillow Cases

How to Mend Pillow CasesIt’s a mystery to me why I’m not sleeping very well these days.  I’m too hot at night so we left our down comforter in its storage bag this winter and didn’t even put it on our bed.  Our upstairs, where all of our bedrooms are located, is already very cold because we don’t heat it.  Next, I tried switching which side of the bed I sleep on and have shared with my husband for almost 22 years.  Perhaps a change of scenery would be helpful.  My husband, who has no idea what could be interrupting my sleep pattern, graciously agreed to switch sides but it lasted only 5 minutes.  It felt too weird, so we switched back.  It was really a mystery to me – mid 40s, suddenly hot while sleeping, wide awake, and did I mention going to the bathroom more often?  Then I figured our what it was:

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Preparing for Winter

Go Gingham: Wool blankets

Preparing for WinterIt feels a bit like “Little House on the Prairie” at our house right now.  We seem to do lots of scurrying around this time of year preparing for the winter (not that the winters here in Portland, Oregon are that harsh).  Chopping wood, harvesting vegetables, freezing sauces, putting away summer furniture, fixing gutters, and cleaning the fireplace.

This year, I wanted to wash all of our down comforters.  Usually, in the spring, I just hang the comforters in the sunshine for the day and then store them.  According to my dry cleaner, they don’t really need laundering often but he’ll do it for $35/each.  Over $100 for cleaning comforters?  No thank you.  Free sunshine sounds like a bargain!

Then, our neighborhood laundromat was sold and renovated.  It re-opened up as Belmont Eco Laundry and boasts earth friendly laundry services.  The washers and driers are all high-efficiency and it is the cleanest laundromat I’ve ever been to.  Continue reading “Preparing for Winter”

Bedding Question: New Down Comforter

Go Gingham: new bedding question

Ask Sara - Your questions answered here

Here’s a question someone sent me about purchasing a new down comforter.

Question: My son needs a new down comforter.  Where should I purchase a new one?

Answer: The Company Store. They have regular sales, a good return policy, and quality products. Only purchase it on sale. Look for channels that are stitched down all the way around the squares.  This way your down won’t shift around too much.  You could also purchase a used one and launder it.  I bought a down comforter once at a yard sale, laundered it, and cut it down.  I don’t recommend cutting it down, though.  I did take my sewing machine outside to do this job because I thought it would be very messy and it was.  One of my neighbors even stopped by and asked if a bird had been killed in our yard if that gives you an idea to how many feathers were flying!

Where do you like to purchase new bedding? Any suggestions for this reader?

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Bed Question: Where to Purchase a New Bed

Go Gingham: Readers' question

Go Gingham: Ask + share

This readers’ question is about a new bed and where to purchase one.

Question: Our son needs a new mattress and box spring. Where would you go to purchase a new bed set?

Answer: Ikea. Next time a mattress and box spring are needed at our house, I’m going to Ikea. They have all mattress contents listed on the beds and have some of the longest mattress warranties around. If you arrive before the store opens at 10am, you can enjoy free coffee. My kids can be talked into going with me to Ikea for the breakfast special which is .99/cents!

Where  would you suggest this reader purchase a new bed?

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