Hello and welcome to my press page. You’ll find both print and online media sources listed.

The Oregonian, August 26, 2015 “Pantry Power” by Grant Butler interview + recipe + image on cover of FoodDay section, print version

The Oregonian, April 5, 2015 front page print story and image plus online version “Angst Amid the Aisles” – as grocery prices rapidly climb, Oregon shoppers employ various strategies to save by Grant Butler

More (Meredith publication, print edition), June, 2014, “The No. 1 Trick to Paying Less for Beauty” by Rebecca Webber

Today (NBC) Moms, January 1, 2014 “Family New Year’s Resolutions: Commit to Change Together in 2014” by Terri Peters

Stacking Benjamins Radio, December 16, 2013, “Frugal and Fancy for the Holidays” hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy (Average Joe Money)

Deseret News, October 28, 2013 “Free Hotels: Swapping Houses Means Great Savings for Vacations” by Michael DeGroote

All You (Time, Inc. magazine, print edition), August 23, 2013, “I Took the Trip of Lifetime” by Virginia Sole-Smith

Deseret News, August 19, 2013 “Parents Looking for Ways to Save on Back to School Purchases” by Michael DeGroote

Deseret News, May 7, 2013, “Saving Moms: Mothers Doing Better Than They Think” by Michael DeGroote

Life Goes Strong, April 18, 2013, “Tips to Save Money and Live Well” by The Aging Diva

Solo Pro Radio: From Freelance to Flourishing, March 6, 2013, “Living Frugally, Sustainably, and Stylishly

Better, Smarter, Richer, March 1, 2013, “For Sara Tetreault, Frugal Living Can Be Fun and Fancy” by Jackie Peterson

Home Insurance, February 25, 2013, “The Ultimate Home Savings List” by Carrie Van Brunt

Veteran’s United Network, January 29, 2013, “This Eco-Friendly Mom Saved $113,00 and Here’s How She Did It” by Christiana Nielson

Yahoo Finance, January 9, 2013, “We Saved $5K by Being Green” by Farnoosh Torabi

Veteran’s United Network, December 31, 2012, “New Year’s Resolutions You Can Stick To” by Christiana Nielson

Blog Talk Radio: Unlock Your Wealth, November 17, 2012, “Frugal Living Fun and Fancy with Sara Tetreault” interview with Heather Wagenhals

Deseret News, November 13, 2012, “Lunch Money: Saving Can Still Be Tasty” by Michael DeGroote

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, November, 2012, “6 Things to Know About Free Shipping” by Susannah Snider

From Below Zero to Hero: Find Motivation from Inspiring Journeys , October 7, 2012, “Saving Money in Style: How to Thrive on Frugality” by Tal Gur

Nerd Wallet, October 5, 2012, “How Much Should I Save for a Rainy Day Fund”  by John Gower

NBC News,, August 27, 2012, “Money Saving Strategies Taken to the Max” by Martha White

Chicago Parent, August 2, 2012, “Teaching Kids to Pay Their Bills” by Lela Davidson

Care, July 13, 2012, “How to Save Money on School Supplies” by Kate Hanley

Metro Parent Magazine, July 2012 issue, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” by Emily Puro

Associa Living, May 8, 2012, “Summer Vacation on a Budget” by Mindy Baxter

Chicago Tribune, May 4, 2012, “Frugal Mother’s Day” by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz

Deseret News, March 26, 2012, “No coupons: Secrets to Beat Rising Food Costs” by Michael DeGroote

Technorati, March 16, 2012, “Social Media for Older Professionals” by Shara Darden

The Oregonian, December 5, 2011, “Inexpensive But Meaningful Ways to Show Gratitude” by Noelle Crombie

The Oregonian, Letters to the Editor, September 15, 2011, “Food Composting” by Sara Tetreault

The Oregonian, August 13, 2011, Homes & Gardens, “Reader Interaction: Window Coverings”  by Peggy McMullen

The Oregonian, July, 30, 2011, Homes & Gardens, “Reader Interaction: Awnings” by Peggy McMullen

El Comerica, June 2, 2011, “Tips for Cooking at Home More and Eating Less on the Street

The Oregonian, April 28, 2011, “Thrifty Styles” by Matt Buxton

The Oregonian, February 2011, FoodDay, “2nd Place Winner Twitter Recipe Contest” by Leslie Cole

The Oregonian, October 13, 2010, “Bed Bugs Throw Wrinkle into Garage Sales” by Dr. Phyllis Ritchie

Portland Metro Parent, April, 2008, “The Unplugged Family” by Emily Puro

The New York Times, June 29, 2006,  “At Home in the World” by Stephanie Rosenbloom

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