1. aaahh I love San Francisco! What a fun way to travel, I agree eating dinner out it a budget breaker! Especially with our 6 hearty eaters. Great tips and fun pictures….although I would have loved to see a picture of those donuts ; ) Thanks too for the linky love.

  2. You are so smart – I love that you had a vacation “all about food” and didn’t have to eat out every meal! I think you got the best parts of SF food without all the waste!

    1. Thanks Annie! We had a great time exploring food places and already know what spots we’re hitting on our next trip down.

  3. We’re headed to San Francisco in July so I’m taking notes! We’re staying in a hotel so will be eating out a lot. The Ferry Market Building sounds great and I’ve never been there on my previous trips.

    1. Julie! You’ll love the Ferry Market area and I’m sure your weather will be lovely in the summer. There’s 2 more posts coming about things we did during the week – where we splurged and where we didn’t. Have fun!

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