1. Great post! At first I was like burlap drapes, c’mon! But these are gorgeous and I love how they let just a little bit of soft light through. Question though from a novice, how would they be hung? i.e. clips on the drape, clips on the rod that clip on the drape? If you’re leaving it to me I would use those same office clips with twist ties 😉 Okay just kidding.

  2. Kris

    I needed this idea several years ago! :) Another idea for inexpensive fabric is to use painter’s drop cloths. I used them to make curtains to hide ugly storage shelves in the basement (I fastened them to the ceiling with a staple gun) and they worked out great. The curtains are in my kid’s play area, which has a treehouse theme, so I hot-glue gunned (I’m pretty sure that’s not grammatically correct, but anyway …) silk autumn leaves to them. You could stencil them, add ribbon borders, etc.

    I’m probably the queen of weird window treatment ideas, but in my son’s bedroom (cowboy theme) I hung bandanas over a window rod for a valance. And … when I found a shower curtain I loved but no coordinating window treatment was available (at Target a couple of years ago) I used placemats hung by curtain rod clips as a topper.

  3. So many creative ideas! You could hang the burlap drapes any way you would hang regular draperies – french pleat with drapery hook and ring or clips as I did. I would recommend some kind of pleat to make nice folds. I love the canvas painter’s drop cloth idea too!

  4. jill

    Hey Sara!
    I’ve been considering burlap for a while (I have a bit of obsession with the fabric). I had 2 questions for you. 1. Did you find that there was any odor? Some burlap is treated and it sometimes smells a bit. 2. Any issue with shedding? I love the look of the texture so much. It’s sort of like linen and velvet mixed together.

    1. Hi Jill – I love the look of burlap too! I have a combination of sparkly and rustic things in my living room and the burlap has been a very nice addition.

      Yes, some burlap does smell more than others. There are different weaves as well – some are looser and some have more little sticks and burrs. I happen to like the more uniform, tightly woven burlap, but there is place for all kinds! I would do a sniff test in the store before you buy to make sure the odor is not strong. I noticed some odor when I first started working with my burlap, but it has either dissipated or I have gotten used to it.

      And, yes, the burlap did shed when I was cutting it. I would imagine sewing on burlap would create a lot of shedding as well, but using the Stitch Witchery and keeping the panels on the floor minimized additional shedding. Since the panels have been up, I have not noticed any other shedding.

      The good thing is that burlap is not expensive, so fooling around with it is less risky than using decorator fabrics. Have fun!

  5. Rosa

    Just made these! They look awesome! Thanks for the idea!

  6. donna

    Just came across your site while I was looking for burlap drapes,thanks I will do what you suggested “no sew” I also saw a great idea of using heavy rope as tiebacks it looked great.

  7. I think burlap placemats would be a neat idea with some nice secondhand fabric underneath or around the border. You could have two ways to use the placemats summer and winter perhaps!!!

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