1. Rita, I saw this at the grocery store. It looks good but if I was gluten-free, this bread would make me learn to bake my own bread! It cost nearly $7.00 for a small loaf of bread. Yikes! Go with the potatoes in this recipe or consider a gluten-free pasta in here.
      On that baking bread note…I’ve been trying to bake more of our own bread here and have really been enjoying it AND it takes surprisingly less time than I thought it might. We don’t have a bread maker but I do have a sourdough starter and that helps.
      Thanks, Rita!

  1. Karen

    We always had home-made yeast-raised cinnamon rolls at Christmas. Can almost taste them now!

    1. Karen, those sound great! I love a good cinnamon roll. I’m about to go make a batch right now. Before I post a recipe, I try and make it several times once I finally right it down to make sure it’s correct. Needless to say, everyone here is very sad to have to eat cinnamon rolls again! Yeah right… :)
      Thanks, Karen.

  2. This looks great! I don’t know if my kids will eat it, but I may make a half-batch and have it ready, because I know I will love it! I usually have rolls or something simple ready, but this would be a more balanced meal. Thanks!!!
    Annie Kip recently posted..Make Yourself HappyMy Profile

    1. Annie, I think that’s why I love this recipe so much because it is a full meal. We usually have a fruit smoothie or orange juice with it so it really feels like all food groups are covered – including the cinnamon rolls at the end, too. :)
      Thanks, Annie!

  3. You read my mind, Sara! I have a spinach strata already prepared and in the freezer for Christmas morning. And I was in fact thinking I needed to pair it with yummy pastries, and how to get them fresh on Christmas morning? Might have to make those ahead of time too. Are the cinnamon rolls difficult?

    Your pictures are always so beautiful, Sara, and your daughter truly is a star for making this dish ahead of time for you.
    Amy @ Frugal Mama recently posted..3 Fantastic Gifts that You Can Easily Make at the Last MinuteMy Profile

    1. Amy, thank you! I will pass along the compliment to my daughter. I’m actually going to make the cinnamon rolls tonight to recipe test them one last time. You’ll find the recipe here next week hopefully!
      They’re not hard and they’re almost healthy because I make them with whole wheat flour.
      Thanks, Amy.

    1. Cathy, it’s not watery at all. Between the bread and the baking, there’s no extra moisture. It’s very hearty and is good for dinner, too.
      Thanks, Cathy! Merry Christmas.

  4. Michelle

    I have been contemplating my options for a Christmas Eve brunch egg dish to go with ham, and had bypassed strata because we’ll be having a gluten-free guest. But I LOVE your potato idea (my favorite “vegetable”). About how many potatoes for the 9×13 pan? Make several and cover the bottom of the dish, like the bread?
    Merry Christmas, Sara!

    1. Hi Michelle!
      The potatoes sound great, don’t they? I haven’t made it with the potatoes myself but I’m going to this year. My mom is gluten-free and is spending Christmas morning with us. I’m going to make a small portion for her and am going to use one large potato, diced.
      So, yes, bake enough potatoes to have about 6 cups diced. If you bake too many, just freeze what’s left and save for another meal.
      I’d love to hear how it turns out, Michelle, so please let me know.
      Merry Christmas to you, too!

  5. Fancy Nancy

    I noticed a reference to bread machines in this post. I bought a used breadmaker ($2) at a college sorority yard sale.
    It has dual pans, making one or two 1-lb. loaves. Or a pan can be used to make jam (recipes included.)
    The smaller loaves are more appealing – they get eaten before they go stale!
    Use the delay start cycle, and time the bread to finish at dinner. Use the slow cooker with a timer also, and walk in to fresh bread & soup or stew.
    Or wake up on a holiday or slumber party weekend to fresh raisin bread and stewed apple & prune compote.
    Used appliances are deals, and many were lightly used by original owners…

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