1. Kris

    Does this mean you have another trip planned soon? I love to “armchair travel”. My hubby would never agree to a home swap but it’s fun to read about yours. :)

    1. Kris,
      Yes! We’re going to Victoria, British Columbia for spring break. Our home exchange partners are coming to our house during the same week. It should be lots of fun and you’ll hear (or read 😉 ) all about it here!
      Thanks, Kris.

  2. This is something that makes so much sense to me. You have figured it all out and I am so impressed!!! I love living vicariously through the experiences you make happen for your family. Someday….
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    1. Annie, yes, someday but I vote you surprise your kiddos with a home swap! They’ll love it once they arrive at their fabulous destination.
      Our home exchange partners are a couple who are bringing their friends with them. They travel together regularly. They sound lovely.
      Thanks, Annie!

  3. Sue Kalt

    The concept of traveling and eating like a local are really enticing. The concept of letting strangers live in my home, would make me extremely nervous. Do you ever worry about your house, belongings, precious items being broken or worse, stolen?

    1. Sue, I don’t worry. We do have a locking closet that we lock but every home we’ve stayed in (and there have been 9!) has that, too. Honestly, my “stuff” isn’t precious or valuable but I do like it BUT I like traveling more!
      The trick is joining an exchange website and learning about the people you’ll be trading with. You can see photos, read about your partners, and see if they’ve exchanged before. You are in their house while they are in yours so there’s that, too. I think the treat others how you want to be treated attitude is part of the home swap mentality.
      I also love to travel and toss caution to the wind. It’s the only way we could afford to go the places we’ve gone!
      Thanks, Sue…

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