Home Organization Project 10

Who invented the in-box? I'd like a word with them. In our house, my in-box is where everything gets piled. This piling into my in-box doesn't count as "home organization" either. Once it goes into my in-box, everyone thinks they are absolved of all personal responsibility. Wrong! We had a serious discussion about my in-box,… Continue reading Home Organization Project 10


Reducing FAITH Expenses: Apparel

This is the second in a series of money saving strategies for reducing your FAITH expenses. FAITH = food, apparel, insurance, transportation, and housing. Clothing yourself, a family, and a home is expensive but you don’t have to break the budget. With a little closet cleaning, party planning, and splurging, you can redirect your resources… Continue reading Reducing FAITH Expenses: Apparel

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How to Organize Recipes and Cookbooks

I received this desperate email from a reader recently about organizing recipes and cookbooks: I have collected recipes for over 40 years and have quite a few!! Also cookbooks!! They are overwhelming my kitchen and book cases!! Help!! Please before my hubby starts to burn them!! Oh my do I feel your pain! I share… Continue reading How to Organize Recipes and Cookbooks

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Cleaning Products That Do Double Duty

Want to know the cleaning products that I use regularly around my home? You may even have several of these products in your cleaning supply tool belt right now. The best part about these cleaning products? They’re cleaning products that do double-duty. No, they aren’t cleaning services (that’s what kids are for!) but they will… Continue reading Cleaning Products That Do Double Duty