1. Thanks for answering my questions all in one place Sara! We’ve been using the black beans I made. Although my first batch was a little bland I just threw some salt in with the cooked beans when I froze them. This helped quite a bit.

    Now, how to I get the gross smell out of my car from the spilled milk from two years ago?

    1. Sara

      Kirsten, I’m not a miracle worker with car smells but, I would suggest a little paste of baking soda and white vinegar. Both of those working together on the smelly spot may do the trick. Use an old tooth brush to really rub your mixture in so that it gets to the root of the smell. Wipe down with a wet rag after. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.

  2. Sara – these are great! I’m hoping to encourage reader added questions, too. You’ve done a great job here! I especially love the tips about beans. I need to eat more of them and only buy them in bulk to save money, use less waste and because cans are lined with BPA.

    @Kristen: Baking powder and vinegar work wonders so Sara is right on how to help get rid of the scent. If you’re looking for a good way to help keep your car smelling good, without buying those “vintage Christmas trees” (which are also toxic), try putting an old wash rag or old t-shirt with a few drops of essential oil under your car seat. Tea tree oil, lavender, lemon or peppermint all work well (or a combination of all). They have antibacterial properties, too.

    1. Lane’
      I tire the washcloth trick a while back but apparently my car stench was too much for any sort of hiding games. I ended up soaking cotton balls with essential oils and putting them in the main car vents. It’s still smells like dirty socks when I get in the car but as soon as the heat is on it smells like a bouqet of flowers.

      1. Ah yes, I’ve heard of the cotton ball method, too, but I’ve never tried it. Glad to hear it offers some relief!

    2. Sara

      Thanks for your suggestions, Lane. These are excellent. I’m not allowed to use essential oils here. I over did one time and my family hasn’t forgotten yet!

      1. Oh no! I use them all the time since I don’t use any store bought perfumes (they’re not natural and full of toxins). I’ve had a similar problem in the bedroom with a small container of lavender essential oil. I have to make sure it’s only on my side of the bed because my FH doesn’t particularly care for the (constant) smell.

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