Piano Lessons

Indulging - piano lessons

Music lessons for kids is a major financial and time commitment. Piano lessons at our house are a big indulgence in our financial budget.  Money to pay for the lessons, time for practicing, and the actual lessons themselves all take effort.  Piano lessons mean piano practicing.  Our kids spend a lot of time practicing here.  The piano is in our dining room.

Indulging - piano lessonsMy kids have taken piano lessons for years and their music sounds more enjoyable every day.  Can you play that music?  Don’t feel too badly, I can’t either.  It’s hard when our kids pass us up, isn’t it?

Indulging - piano lessons

I like to say that Justin Bieber never sounded so good as when his music is being playing on the piano at our house.  Baby, baby…Oh, sorry, I’ve been forbidden from singing.

Do your kids play musical instruments?  Is it an indulgence at your house?

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6 thoughts on “Piano Lessons

  1. Yes, my daughter takes private cello lessons. This is a stretch to our budget, but we have found a way!! She’s 14 and ready to part with her childhood toys (most of them anyway.) So I have been selling them on Ebay…It’s a win-win for us…cello lessons are paid for and we have less clutter in our storage areas.


    1. Kelli, this is a great way to raise funds for lessons. I love it. Totally win-win. Less clutter, more cash for what’s important. Way to go!


  2. In my mind, music lessons are not an indulgence. I think music education is just as important as reading, math, science, etc. It’s a financial investment, to be sure, but it pays back many times over. (I could probably write a blog about music experiences with our sons that demonstrate this, but you don’t want to go there! I can get pretty windy.)


    1. Sue, I completely agree. Music is such an integral part of education. It’s really a big part of our lives, in so many ways. Thanks for the comment.


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