1. This is such a good idea! You always do such a careful job on projects and are so generous with the extra tips. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks Annie! I love how this turned out and it’s so much cuter than buying something in the store.

  2. This is awesome! I see a new use for the many fabric scraps I discovered in my recent craft area reorganization. And I’ve been wanting to go to Fabric Depot for years–now I have a great reason to!

    1. Thanks Rita! This is an excellent way to use up scraps. You should go to Fabric Depot. It’s worth the trip. Check on-line or call to find out when their next sale is, too.

  3. Kathy

    Great idea! This project is on my list. I love Fabric Depot and their generous coupons. I could spend hours there. The staff is always really helpful. I need to make it back out there again soon.

  4. Sheryl Price

    I love Fabric Depot as well. If you sign up for their monthly e-mail flyers, you get four 40% off coupons (one for each week of the month, good for one item or fabric cut) and a complete list of all of their sales that month. Great for planning purposes.

  5. Elizabeth

    I am wondering if you can wash the fabric after applying the vinyl?

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Hi Elizabeth,
      I just read the instructions that came with the iron on vinyl…under their “tip and care section” it reads that “touch up pressing is required after hand washing. always use protective paper or a piece of very smooth fabric between iron and laminate.”
      Also, it says to clean with soap and damp cloth or hand wash in cold water.
      My take? I wouldn’t toss this in the washing machine. So far, my drawer liners have been wiped down a couple of times in 6 months and have held up well. One gets wet regularly (under the toothbrushes and all) and I do sometimes just let it dry over night – if I’m awake enough at night :)
      I hope that answers the question.

  6. miggiepdx

    Yes, like previous reader, I’m wondering about washing the shelf liners. Or maybe you just dust? In my house, everything needs dusting/washing due to sweet dog and bossy cat who live with us, plus older kids who visit us like tornado season.

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Just dust but read below for more details! Good thing you have a sweet dog with a bossy cat!!

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