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Dinner Group Gathering

Dinner Group GatheringOur dinner group met earlier this month and as usual it was delicious.  I think what I love the most about being part of a dinner group, aside from getting together with friends regularly in a lovely setting, is being forced to try new recipes.  I don’t usually cook with recipes and I am usually the one giving orders in the kitchen.  Our hosts, Robin and Greg, picked great recipes for our meal and we were each given assignments.

Entertaing on a budget

Here’s what we had at our dinner group gathering…

  • Mini-lobster ceviche with fresh salsa and chips (Langostinos ceviche with fresh salsa and chips)
  • Quinoa salad with pickled onions (Ensalada de quinua con cebollas curtidas)
  • Plaintain purée (Pure de platanos maduros)
  • Pan seared lamb chops
  • Dessert was chocolate pistachio pot d crème

Dinner Group Gathering

The appetizer, salad, and entrée recipes are all from Laylita.com.  The ceviche can be found here.  The quinoa salad recipe can be found here and the pan seared lamb chops are here.  The dessert, chocolate pistachio pot de crème is from The New York Times.

How do you like to entertain? Do you belong to a dinner group?

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4 thoughts on “Dinner Group Gathering

    1. Come as a guest anytime, Sheila! We have lots of fun and it’s great to taste all the different dishes. You should organize one in your neighborhood!! Thanks for leaving a comment.


  1. Great ideas for a dinner party – I hope to belong to one (if I can find a group to hold a diner party) I live in a very urban area and “it is (as told to me by a born and raised here person) a known fact that we are not very friendly here.” How sad (I want to move but mister’s job is here)
    Just love your blogging and you are terrific.


    1. Thank you, Olivia! I would say go for it and try and connect with people even if you’ve been told folks aren’t very friendly. You could really be a trend-setter….organizing dinner groups and being friendly 🙂 Good luck.


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