1. Amy

    We like to cozy up as a family by watching a movie.

  2. Tina B

    My favorite outdoor game would be wiffle ball for the younger kids and kick the can for the older kids.

  3. Cara

    We love outdoors, but during the week it isn’t as feasible for nature adventures since my husband and I work full time outside of the home… so the clock is ticking and family time is a priority.. especially outside while the weather is nice. So we go for walks, play softball, soccer etc in the backyard… but our favorite thing these days is a cheap badminton/volley ball net we acquired this year. Not only do we play as a family, the neighborhood kids participate too. Quite fun and the laughter from the kids and smiles… priceless

  4. Alice

    We love having a fire pit outside and spending the evening telling stories.

  5. Jennifer Ott

    What a wonderful-looking book! We love to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket over us all and read aloud for a while. Eventually, everyone ends up getting their own books and reading all together still! Every school day, we make a pot of tea (with animal crackers for the kids), and read our school books aloud. Best family times ever!

  6. Karen

    Our family favorite “slow down time” is to watch a movie.

    Hope I win!

  7. Darcy

    Our kids discovered Ladder Golf last summer with their cousins and really enjoyed it. It was a nice surprise this past Christmas when said cousins gave our family our own game of Ladder Golf; it has been the go to game this summer!

  8. When my kids were little, my favorite time of day was bedtime. We’d snuggle up on someone’s bed and I’d read aloud to my twins, one on each side of me. We’d also have family movie night on Fridays, with “popcorn and pop!” (the only time they’d get such treats). Miss those days, but now I really enjoy playing games with them. Those are so much more fun now that Candyland is past us! :-)
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  9. Karen

    We have started having a family night every other Friday night where we watch a disney movie and have dinner that goes with the theme of the movie. For example we watched Cars and had Lighting McQueen Sandiwiches, (chicken salad sandwiches) Old tires (pickles) Sally Salad (fruit salad) Motor oil (grape juice) and Tunnel cakes (funnel cakes)

  10. Kara

    Our family enjoys spending time on our boat fishing, reading books, napping, and talking.

  11. Heather

    My favorite family activity is flashlight tag in the summer. My kids and I have a blast!

  12. I would love to win this book, as I find it more and more difficult to find an activity that all of my kids will enjoy. They are tweens and teens and are starting to get their own ideas! DRAT! I used to be able to get them to hike and read together, but not so much anymore. Bedtime is still a very cuddly time at my house and we like to play games in front of a fire whenever we have time. We have dinner together as often as possible, but I am finding more and more that our best family time comes from getting away together – in nature – no friends, no work, and only each other for entertainment.
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  13. Kris

    It depends on the season, but reading and eating meals together are 4-season activities. In the summer we go to the beach, camping (LOVE campfires!), and hiking. In the winter we go sledding or cozy up in front of the fire.

    It is so good to know that there are others out there who are trying to put the brakes on their over-scheduled lives! Yay for us! :)

  14. Susan Daniels

    My favorite way to relax with my family is snuggling with my toddler on the couch with a big pile of picture books from the library

  15. LoisLaneNJ

    We slow down every evening by cuddling up on the couch with the kiddos and having story time.

  16. Leesa

    We love to watch movies together at least once a week, complete with icecream and candy, lol.

  17. Sue Kalt

    I remember the days of walks, bicycling, building snowmen or snow forts, tennis, table tennis (ping pong), ski trips, ice-skating, camping out in the backyard, the hibachi marshmallows, picnics, and long car rides…. seems like the neighborhood kids all played outside. Anyone remember the game of statues? First bounce or fly? Hide and go seek? Kick the can? We may not have been athletes, but we sure built those memories.

  18. We love to do crafts together, often polyclay. And make paper model airplanes – tho we cheat and use a gluegun when we can’t follow directions properly. And snug up and watch documentaries, then go fossil hunting!

  19. We cozy up nearly every night and read books for up to an hour. My kids go nuts if they don’t get book time before bed.

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