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Create Your Own Website – Go Gingham Style

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I love do-it-yourself (diy) projects.  First, I like to make sure I have the time to start and finish a project.  Second, I like to complete a project while spending the least amount of money – or ideally, none at all.  My goal with diy projects?  Look good, cost little.

Creating a website is my latest project. Not long ago, I had zero skills in this area.  I could manage a “Word” document fine but sometimes, I might refer to Excel as “Lotus” (remember Lotus?). Copy and paste? Upload pictures? Wait, is that a button on the right side of the mouse? You get the idea.

After deciding to have a website and choosing a domain name, I set out to tackle it.  Next, I chose WordPress as my (free!) blogging platform.  They are famous for their “5 minute install” which sounded good, although it did take a bit longer than 5 minutes.

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The library was my next stop.  Our library system has an impressive amount of material about WordPress.  Each of the books I read had a slightly different angle to it so I was glad to have read several sources.  Another useful tool is the WordPress website.  This is where you learn that you aren’t the only person making “fatal error” mistakes.

WordPress Books
Tech support – otherwise known as my husband

Even after all of the books, plans and practice, I’ve just begun to scratch the surface on how this all works.  I like it when my projects work out, look good and when I can make that all happen, with very little cost.  That’s what Go Gingham is all about – having style while being frugal.

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8 thoughts on “Create Your Own Website – Go Gingham Style

  1. Looking good (and stylish…and frugal), Sara! Keep it up. I mentally feel like I am nearing a breakthrough in keeping my own blog updated regularly. Hey, it was (partially) your inspiration that convinced me to stop coloring my hair and embrace my natural color, so maybe you will inspire my blog habits as well.


  2. Not only do DIY projects save money they keep our minds sharp with all those new neurological connections. And think about all the new friends you make when researching, brainstorming, and asking questions. It’s win-win for you, your brain, your bank account, and your community. Way to go Sara and cheers to making new connections!


  3. Sara, congrats on taking the leap! Your website looks great and I can’t wait to watch the progression — and find some great DIY projects to undertake (although my completion record leaves a little to be desired!).


  4. Darcy,
    Thanks for your comment! I just checked your DIY chart and you have an excellent record for projects completed. Keep up the good work!


  5. Hi Sara!

    Great blog – I will be passing it on to many friends! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas! You have always had such a knack for the stylishly frugal way of life!!!

    Your old friend,
    Annie, Needham, MA


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