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Go Gingham on Twitter Sara TetreaultWhile you can follow me on Twitter (@GoGingham), you should know that 140 characters is tough for me.  I have a lot to say (just ask the people who live with me!) on many topics.

Does the phrase “high word count” mean anything to you?  Those 140 characters that Twitter gives you include spaces, too. Good luck with that.

Of course the Twitter experts (by experts, I mean the authors of the two books I’ve read on the subject) suggest shortening your words (gasp!) and skipping the punctuation (the horror!) in your posts (tweets).  I can assure you, that won’t be happening.

My preferred form of “Twitter” is very low-tech. My favorite way to “Twitter” and share information is by ironing on my front porch.  With my ironing board, iron, an extension cord, and a nice stack of clothing, I’m all set when neighbors walk by or someone I know drives by.  We can visit, catch up, and share any neighborhood news.

How do you like to Twitter?

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