Wrapping Paper Alternative

Wrapping paper alternatives

With the holiday season fast approaching, are you looking for an alternative to purchasing gift wrap paper?  Try my trick and wrap your gifts in old maps.  I inherited my stash of maps from my grandfather’s home.  He had quite the collection of outdated maps.  Maps are practically free at second hand stores, estate sales and garage sales.  This method keeps maps out of the recycling bin.

Wrapping paper alternatives

Cut your map just like wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper alternatives

Keep a stash of boxes handy for wrapping gifts.  Boxes make wrapping neat and tidy.

Wrapping paper alternatives

Maps offer something printed on the inside of the paper as well.

Wrapping paper alternatives

Ready for the ribbon…

Wrapping paper alternatives

Ribbon can be saved from gifts you have received and re-used.  A quick press with the iron makes used ribbon look new again.  Trim edges of ribbon with very sharp scissors.

Wrapping paper alternatives

Scraps from the maps can be used for gift tags.  So easy!

Wrapping paper alternatives

You could use newspaper, comics, or paper bags to wrap gifts but I think old maps are much more stylish and creative.  Old maps are very dusty.  Consider yourself forewarned.

Do you like wrapping gifts?  What’s your favorite source for gift wrap?

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5 thoughts on “Wrapping Paper Alternative

    1. Darcy, perhaps you know someone who lives close to you, has lived in their home for many years, and doesn’t get rid of anything? I’d check there, pronto!


  1. Great idea Ms. Gingham! Love the blog/website! For Hanukkah wrap, I have the same 5 gift bags with cute Hanukkah decor that I bought at a local gift shop, and keep re-wrapping presents each year in them with used tissue paper I have collected throughout the year. Nobody minds getting the same gift bags over and over(they forget from year to year anyway) and they really only want what’s inside the bag! That’s my 2 cents! Keep up the great blog!


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