Rate Hikes Disguised as News

Cable bill chart

Comcast hikes rates for Oregon cable TV, Internet access | OregonLive.com.

This article was in our paper Monday and is about how cable bills are going up AGAIN. At our house, we don’t have cable and never will.  So, maybe I wouldn’t mind cable (and I know my husband would like to have it to watch his beloved Washington Redskins from the comfort of our home) but it costs almost $750/year to have cable when network TV is free.

To me, this seems like a no brainer.  $750/year more in your pocket and more free time?  How can you argue with that?  You and your family will have time to play games together, cook together or read together.  Sounds good to me!

Some alternatives to cable/paid TV?  Get your TV shows from your local library.  Our library system has plenty to choose from.  Yes, you’ll be a little out of it at your next dinner party when everyone is discussing “Mad Men” or some other current show.  With TV shows from the library, you’ll be able to watch an entire season and have zero commercials.  My husband and I just finished watching “Six Feet Under” so we’re only a few years behind.

What about the big game you ask?  Do yourself (and your pocketbook) a favor and send your hubby to the local sports bar for the night and claim the remote control for the evening.

To me, paying for television falls under the category of  “wants” rather than “needs” in life.  Could I be wrong here?  Share your thoughts…

5 thoughts on “Rate Hikes Disguised as News

  1. You are certainly not wrong about cable TV being a “want”. I’d go so far as to call it a “luxury”. Practically every show is also available streaming on the internet for free the next day. (We do pay for cable modem internet at home. Someday I dream of having a computer that we can connect to the television-our 27″ tv was $25 at a garage sale, but it’s better than a 15″ laptop screen.) I can’t imagine also paying for cable TV, or worse, Direct TV with Tivo, etc. etc. Sometimes I just want to say, “C’mon folks – it’s television!” when I see low-income apartment-type dwellings with Direct TV dishes on the sides of the building.


  2. Sara – Love the new website. I’m half way through a similar recipe organizing splurge. When I have a deadline, somehow I just want to organize my recipes! Looking forward to seeing your table makeover. – Cheers – Meg


  3. Couldn’t agree more. While there is some content that would be nice to have, I’ve always felt that getting cable is like paying Satan to come to your house and stay. That’s why God invented iTunes. And Netflix.


  4. Hi Sara! Love your site. When tv went from analog to whatever it is now, I simply didn’t buy the connector box.
    Got rid of Netflix long ago, even though they are trying to entice me back. Multnomah library is my source for dvds, though a good percentage (20% maybe?) are damaged. But still: I’m a big fan of our library with all of its FREE materials! TV has an addictive potential, for sure. I’d rather read and it’s great knowing I’ll never run out of great reading!


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