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Decorating Ideas: Re-Purposed Claw Foot

Decorating Ideas:  Re-Purposed Claw Foot

We went out of town recently and stayed at our neighbor’s beach house. Our family had  a wonderful, technology-free weekend! While lighting a fire to cozy in, I came across this wonderful use for an old claw foot bathtub foot – a holder for matches. It’s very clever and makes good use of the space and an old item.

Decorating Ideas:  Re-Purposed Claw Foot

Using old items that are no longer used for their original purpose is an excellent way to decorate. Inexpensive, simple, and useful. Very Go Gingham!

Decorating Ideas:  Re-Purposed Claw Foot

I love how this looks!

Do you like to re-purpose items in your home?

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