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Readers’ Questions Answered Here

Readers' Questions at Go Gingham

People are always asking me questions about where to purchase something, how to clean something, how to cook something, how to mend something, how to use a power tool, and what not.  I love answering questions and am always happy to share a tip on what’s worked and what hasn’t. If you have a question, please click here and submit your question.

Your name may or not be used. Sometimes it works best if I answer the question in very general terms and other times, I may use your name and link to your blog or site if you have one. If you’d like me to use your name and link to your site, please let me know.

Also, if you have a stylishly frugal living idea or tip you’d like to share, please share it here. Learning and sharing from each other is a wonderful way for us all to keep ideas fresh and share the frugal message.

Thank you for reading this and contacting me. If you’d like to have me speak to your group or organization, please check here.

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4 thoughts on “Readers’ Questions Answered Here

  1. Love the gingham image with the ? mark. My question is: how do I get my homemade black beans to taste better if I make them in the crock pot. Also, any way to get them softer?



  2. A couple of years I ago I purchased one of the kids a multi-layered coat with multiple pieces that zip in and. Well, he promptly took out the inner layer and wore only the shell. Fast forward to today; the jacket no longer fits and I am rounding up all of the pieces to launder and hand down. Problem: the inner layer still has the anti-theft device on it. How do I get it off without damaging the jacket and without having to take the jacket to a store to have the anti-theft device removed? Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom!!


    1. Darcy, I’d love to answer this question for you! Your question and answer will be posted next week…stay tuned for more and thank you.


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