Tomato Cages – Go Gingham Style

How to stake tomatoes

Planting tomatoes means staking the plants.  For several years, I used the old standard, cone shaped tomato stake.  I’ve never had much success with these.  My tomato plants would get too tall or I couldn’t reach in to pick the fruit.  Then, I read the book, “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew and got inspired to try a new method. So, here is my very, frugal solution to tomato cages and staking tomato plants.

How to stake tomatoes











Bamboo poles came from my neighbor’s yard and were free.  I just hammered them into the ground.  I wasn’t sure if they’d stay up but they did.

How to stake tomatoes











This 16’ long piece of fencing cost $4.00.  I cut the piece into 4 each 4’ long pieces.

Fencing piece came from The Re-Building Center but The Habitat for Humanity ReStore also carries products like this.  Use wire cutters to cut.

Stake tomatoes











Attach fencing to bamboo with zip ties.  These can be purchased at a hardware store.

How to stake tomatoes











Plant tomatoes close to fencing.  As the plants grow, gently push branches, stems, etc. through the fence.  Think weaving here.

How to stake tomatoes

My total cost using this method for staking my tomato plants came to about $5.00.  The plants did really well but overall it was a bad year for tomatoes.  Our summer weather was exceptionally cold and rainy.  This year, I’m hoping for better tomato growing weather!

What method do you use to stake tomatoes?

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5 thoughts on “Tomato Cages – Go Gingham Style

  1. Hi Sara! Excellent post! I have read a bit about square foot gardening. Great concept even if you have lots of space. I like how your tomato bed looks too. I may try this method this year too.


    1. Thanks Cheryl! I really have very limited space for my gardening so any space that has dirt, I try to veggies in! My dirt in new growing areas isn’t quite as good as the dirt in the veggie garden pictured here. Soon it will be. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Love this. Every year I struggle with what kind of “cage” to use. May have to try your method this year. Maybe we can have a “tomato cage building party”!


    1. I love turning any project into a party! These were so easy to put up and stayed up really well. I used my cone shaped cages on my cucumbers which was ok until they got too tall.


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