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Bedding Question: New Down Comforter

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Here’s a question someone sent me about purchasing a new down comforter.

Question: My son needs a new down comforter.  Where should I purchase a new one?

Answer: The Company Store. They have regular sales, a good return policy, and quality products. Only purchase it on sale. Look for channels that are stitched down all the way around the squares.  This way your down won’t shift around too much.  You could also purchase a used one and launder it.  I bought a down comforter once at a yard sale, laundered it, and cut it down.  I don’t recommend cutting it down, though.  I did take my sewing machine outside to do this job because I thought it would be very messy and it was.  One of my neighbors even stopped by and asked if a bird had been killed in our yard if that gives you an idea to how many feathers were flying!

Where do you like to purchase new bedding? Any suggestions for this reader?

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