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Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds
Spinach gone wild in our backyard! It’s so tasty when fresh.

Growing your own vegetables is very satisfying.  Eating food that you’ve grown in your own garden is a wonderful way to embrace the idea of farm to table.  Many homeowners don’t have much space to devote to growing their own food.  I definitely fall under this category.  We live in the city with a small yard.  Adding growing space by building raised garden beds has been a great solution.

Raised Garden Beds

  1. Don’t cement posts into ground.  Once you put your dirt into the frame, nothing is moving so save yourself this step.
  2. Use wood that hasn’t been treated.  Dirt and water will make your wood rot – eventually. We just had to replace a bed that had rotted through but it lasted about 10 years.
  3. Don’t use pressure treated wood.  Pressure treated wood has chemicals that you don’t want getting into your food.
  4. Choose locations for your beds that get plenty of sun.
  5. Make beds a manageable size.  3’ across by 6’ long is an ideal size.  Think about reaching across the bed or weeding.

Finding small pockets of gardening space can be challenging.  Here are some spots in our yard that we’ve added beds to.  Remember to think about location when finding space.  My beds on the south side of my house have done much better than the west side, which has afternoon shade.

This is a good example of using a dead space in our yard.

 Raised Garden Beds
An ugly not used space next to our house.

This was ugly, unused space.  This dirt had a tarp on it for too long to discuss!

Raised Garden BedsMy lovely assistant (otherwise known as my husband) dug the dirt up a bit so we could hammer 2” (inch) X 2” (inch) pieces of wood into the ground.

Raised Garden Beds We used 10″ (inch) tall pieces of pine lumber.  Wood was cut with a circular saw.  Attach cut lumber to posts with screws.

Raised Garden BedsThis bed faces south and gets sun all day.  I planted peppers here last year and they really liked this location.  This dirt is from our compost bins.

Raised beds - our backyardThis is a view of our backyard that shows our 2 raised bed we built in place of dried out, dead grass.  It has a flexible fence around to keep our chickens out.  Our backyard girls love to dig in the garden!

Do you have raised beds in your yard?

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5 thoughts on “Raised Garden Beds

  1. Love this. We live on a city lot and our backyard is full of raised beds. I’ve posted about it for a few years but have a series of garden posts coming up. Love to find another OR blogger! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment, Sandy! I look forward to your garden posts. I’ve been enjoying your site…too bad we’re not neighbors!


  2. This is inspiring and gives me hope. Maybe not this summer (too many wedding plans and very little money being unemployed) but definitely next summer I’m making it a goal to garden. If I can convince the FH to do raised beds, I think we have enough space – and from the looks of your bed, we do!


  3. Hey Sara!

    I finally have yard space and am doing a rather ambitious garden for my 1st real garden. BUT…I figure go big or go home, right?! 🙂 That and I’m guessing I’ll lose some crop to inexperience so the “go big” part will probably seem properly proportioned in the end! I am doing a French potager and will have four raised 4×4 foot beds and other misc. plantings with lots of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers. Doing some companion planting as well, which is really interesting to me. Gardening has just consumed me and I am loving it! I’ll have to shoot ya over some pics on fb as I go through my process. Wish me luck…

    Love your blog! I’m on here all the time and have shared your site with many of my friends. Thank you for your thrifty thoughtful living 🙂


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