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Re-Using Candles to Make New Ones

Re-Using candles to make more

Here’s a reader’s question about candles and keeping them or not….

Question: What do you do with candles that have burned down to the bottom but still have wax left?  It seems like a lot of waste.

Answer: I completely agree, there is a lot of waste.  I keep the old candle stubs and make new candles.  This isn’t a project you need to do often.  The last time I made candles was probably 10 years ago!  The trick is having somewhere to keep/store your candle stubs.  I keep mine in the basement and add to the stash as the candles burn down.  Do make sure your candle flames are completely out and the wax is solid before storing them.  You will need new candle wick.  It can be purchased at Michael’s or a similar craft store.  Using any old string for wick just won’t do.  Trust me on this because I’ve made that mistake!  My sister and I tried using polyester string and the flame just fizzled out.  We had to start completely over.  Making candles is a good project to do outside and I’ll do a post about it this summer, when I make candles.

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