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The Library Book Return Basket

The Library Book Return Basket
A Goodwill find that holds our library books that need to go back to the library.

Having systems and routines in a household make everything run more smoothly.  Keeping clutter to a minimum is another household running trick that helps.  This is especially true in the entryway of a home. Order upon entering and exiting a home is much more pleasant than chaos. We don’t need to be reminded of all the “things” that need doing or attending to as soon as we walk in the door. This even applies to library books. This lovely library return basket can hold lots of library books, and sits on the hall tree, in our entryway.

The Library Book Return BasketKeeping track of all those books is much easier since I implemented the library return basket. When a book or DVD is finished, it goes into the library return basket and is ready for its return. When someone heads out to run errands, we simply grab the basket and go. Order feels so good, doesn’t it?

The Library Book Return BasketThe basket is from the Goodwill Outlet Store, otherwise known as “The Bins” where items are priced by the pound.  Check garage sales and estate sales for baskets, also.  There are plenty of baskets to be acquired second hand.  No need to purchase new because as soon as you place something in it, it’s used, right?

How do you keep track of library books? Do you have a spot like “The Bins?”

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3 thoughts on “The Library Book Return Basket

  1. We have a bag in our coat closet that serves the same function.
    I’ve always been a fan of “stations” for ease in keeping things in order (:


  2. Anything in a basket, I love baskets. Last year in Cordova, they had a basket-making class and I’m still bummed that I was out of town. To keep the order, I also like the “door hanger” idea. Basically sewing pockets together that can hang on the door knob, then on your way out you can grab your daily items.


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