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Tissue Box Slip-Cover Give Away on Go Gingham

Tissue Box Slip-Cover Give Away on Go GinghamSince I know not everyone wants to sew a slip-cover for a tissue box, I’m giving this one away!  This cover would look adorable in your kitchen, I just know it.  Here are the rules:

Tissue Box Slip-Cover Give Away on Go Gingham

  • Leave a comment below telling me if you like small gingham squares or big gingham squares.
  • Leave a comment about your last sewing project.
  • Watch and listen to video #2 (in the how to instructions) and tell what musical instrument is being practiced by one of my kids.
  • You may enter once.  No replies, those won’t be counted.
  • Deadline, Friday, April 22nd, 2011 at 3pm, PST.

Good luck! I’ll mail the lucky winner their prize.

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4 thoughts on “Tissue Box Slip-Cover Give Away on Go Gingham

  1. Well Sara you’ve surprised me! When I heard you mention tissue box covers all I could imagine was some sort of cross-stitched yarn thing that the old ladies in our church basement used to make.

    But this…this! I love it. I definitely like the big squares for this project.


  2. So cute! I find myself using small square gingham print more often, but I love the big squares on this cover!


  3. I see I have missed the cutoff but I will comment anyway. I Love large ginham squares. My last sewing project was a runner for my sideboard. The instrument is your lovely piano.


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