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Notes From the Class You Missed

Notes from the class you missed - Go Gingham finds at GoodwillDid you miss the class last month on “How to Shop at the Goodwill Outlet Store” or more commonly known as “The Bins?”  If so, here are the notes from the class you missed!  We’ll do another one soon.  We doubled the number of attendees and had fun.  Matt Buxton, from “The Oregonian” newspaper missed it, too, but did a note about it on-line, at Oregon Live.

Thank you to everyone who came!  We even had two Portland bloggers join us.  Lane’ Richards, from The Living Green Solution and Katy Wolk-Stanley from The Non-Consumer Advocate were in attendance for my how-to-clinic as well.  Between the carpooling, dropping off our non-curb-recycling at Far West Fibers, and chatting, we had a good time-saving money and the environment.  Can you ask for more from a morning?

Want to know what I bought for my family?  A poetry book by Tennyson and those very interesting ice-cube grabbers.  They look like chicken feet.  Stay tuned for the rest of the loot.  I’ll keep you posted.  Literally.

Do you like to shop at Goodwill? What’s your favorite spot to thrift?

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3 thoughts on “Notes From the Class You Missed

  1. Those “chicken feet ice cube grabbers”……might be something else. If the total length is 5″ to 7” long they probably are sugar cube tongs. Standard issue for fine silver sets up to about 1960 when sugar cubes almost disappeared. When I was a child (mid 1950’s) every Tea Party included tea with a crystal bowl of sugar cubes with the tong servers.


    1. Mary, I just measured and they’re exactly 6 3/4″ long! How fun to learn something new about a “new to me” item. Thank you. Now I just need some warmer weather to serve a drink with ice cubes and my sugar cube tongs can be put back to work! Thanks also for the comment.


  2. Since those chicken feet are so long, seems like you would want to use them for ice, no? Regardless, they are cute and they have a great patina. (is that the right word..?)


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